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  1. LittleNeo

    Question Corydora Diet?

    Along with bloodworms and fish pellets, can corydoras eat blanched cucumber and de-shelled peas?
  2. LittleNeo

    Internal Parasites?

    Did they have trouble swimming properly a few hours before their final moment?
  3. LittleNeo

    12 Gallon Long Stocking Question

    Guppies are too flashy for DGs. The DG will view the guppy's tail as a threat because it's so brightly colored.
  4. LittleNeo

    Glowlight Tetra Oomph

    Thank you!
  5. LittleNeo

    Glowlight Tetra Oomph

    She's a star! And she give the Look.
  6. LittleNeo

    Neons Strike A Pose

  7. LittleNeo

    Neons Strike A Pose

    A bit like the 3 Muskateers?
  8. LittleNeo

    Planning A Planted Tank

    Yes Prism. The tank's more of an 11 gallon actually.
  9. LittleNeo

    Planning A Planted Tank

    Thanks! It really helped! Except there are ALREADY fish in my tank, so what should I do?
  10. LittleNeo

    Planning A Planted Tank

    I live in India, if that helps.
  11. LittleNeo

    Planning A Planted Tank

    So once my tests are over, I'm planning to convert my 10 gallon into a planted tank. I want some beginner plant names to start my research. And tips. Lotsa tips. My tank has 1 dwarf gourami and 6 neon tetras with a sponge filter and 1 air stone.
  12. LittleNeo

    Copper Gouramis

    Not sure but they looked like this- JOE'S AQUAWORLD FOR EXOTIC FISHES MUMBAI INDIA 9833898901: pearl gourami and copper gourami for sale 9833898901
  13. LittleNeo

    Copper Gouramis

    I saw some at my lfs and was wondering about their requirements.
  14. LittleNeo

    My 330gal Just Exploded I've Lost Everything

    I hope everything will turn all right.
  15. LittleNeo

    Corys With Snails?

    They can. Your cories will not eat snails.
  16. LittleNeo

    What To Feed Cichlids

    Cichlids are omnivores. You can give either sinking pellets or flakes as a staple food, and occasionally feed them spinach (cichlids love greens!). You can also give some live food like brine shrimp as a treat. As for brands, I use Tetra for all my fish. I am not sure about Omega One. EDIT: On...
  17. Selfie time!

    Selfie time!

  18. LittleNeo

    Tpbm Game!

    No. TTPBM: Favorite frozen dessert?
  19. LittleNeo

    Picky Dwarf Gourami

    My DG's a pig now. A very big pig.
  20. LittleNeo

    Yay or Nay?

    Eh. Neon tetras

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