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  1. Abbielouise1804

    Ammonia Detoxifier For Cycling With Fish?

    I use Seachem Prime in my tanks, it helps detoxify up to 1ppm however I'm sure gold fish are supposed to have 30gal minimum for one and then obviously more or you have two. So it may be even harder to the the ammonia down just letting you know, but someone else can probably touch on that more...
  2. Abbielouise1804

    Worms On Glass And In Water Of Betta Tank

    (Posting this in beginners as I don't know where else to post it) I have a 10 gallon tank that houses 1 male betta and 4 amano shrimp. It's fully cycled and has been established for around 8 months +. Today is water change day and I noticed these weird worms on the glass, they do move...
  3. Abbielouise1804

    Are There Any Pleco's Suitable For A 29 Gallon Tank?

    Along with 8 cherry barbs and 2 honey gouramis
  4. Abbielouise1804

    Favorite fish?

    Thought it would be nice to discuss our favourite fish that we own and/or that we would love to own! At the minute, I'd say my favourite fish are corydoras (all types) and honey Gouramis. Both playful. Oh and definitely Bettas!
  5. Abbielouise1804

    Help With These Plants Id

    Thank you both yeah, Casper can be cute when he wants to be haha. Although he does look rather miserable on this picture . Anyone know what the plant is middle top picture?
  6. Abbielouise1804

    Help With These Plants Id

    Hi please can someone help me ID the plants from 2 of my tanks? My 29gal: The live plants are the one in the middle and to the bottom left, anyone know what they are? This is my 10gal betta and shrimp tank and the plant in the front right hand corner (and one growing over towards the...
  7. Abbielouise1804

    Swordtails In 29g?

    Thanks That's good. Thank you! I can never seem to be happy with my scape haha, always changing things around. Definitely on my list to consider now though, swordtails look so fascinating to me.
  8. Abbielouise1804

    Lost 6 Cardinal Tetras And Now 2 Cherry Barbs?!

    Ok, thank you for your advice. I acclimated the new cherry barbs the way you said so fingers crossed!
  9. Abbielouise1804

    Is There Any Chance?

    Agree with Fishychacki. I have a pair of honey Gouramis in my 29g and they're so peaceful, but really beautiful and interactive fish. The explore my whole tank and are a great centrepiece fish. If you can't do pearls I'd really recommend looking into honeys. (You can see my little yellow one...
  10. Abbielouise1804

    Swordtails In 29g?

    I'm thinking what to add to my cycled tank in the future. So far it only houses 8 cherry barbs and 2 honey Gouramis. PH is 7.6 and temp is 74-76°. I have plenty of other species flying around in my head that I really like. For example; corys, tetras, platys, swordtails, rasboras. I've...
  11. Abbielouise1804

    Lost 6 Cardinal Tetras And Now 2 Cherry Barbs?!

    Really? Would this still have caused their death after 2/3 weeks have passed? I've just been to the store and replaced them, so I'll do the adding water gradually now. I used to do that when I first started out in the hobby but then read more and more things and watched more and more videos on...
  12. Abbielouise1804

    Lost 6 Cardinal Tetras And Now 2 Cherry Barbs?!

    I'll have to ask them what their PH is. I've never tested my water hardness, I don't have a test kit for that.
  13. Abbielouise1804

    Lost 6 Cardinal Tetras And Now 2 Cherry Barbs?!

    Thanks for your advice bobby, I have tested all of my water parameters though and there is no ammonia present in my tank, so I know for sure it's not ammonia poisoning. I do also have live plants in the tank.
  14. Abbielouise1804

    Lost 6 Cardinal Tetras And Now 2 Cherry Barbs?!

    They were only in the bag for about 15/20 mins in the car journey home from the store. When I got home I placed the bags in my tank for around 20/30 minutes to match the temp and then netted them out.
  15. Abbielouise1804

    Lost 6 Cardinal Tetras And Now 2 Cherry Barbs?!

    Nope, I don't have a quarantine tank. I didn't notice any external signs of disease at all. The PH and temperature has been like this for well over a week now. So yeah I'm not sure what it could be I think I might contact the store and ask if they've had any issues. Thanks for your help
  16. Abbielouise1804

    Lost 6 Cardinal Tetras And Now 2 Cherry Barbs?!

    I recently posted on how I bought a school Cardinal Tetras for my cycles 29g tank. When I did this it housed 5 cherry barbs which cycled the tank with TSS. I'm not going to ramble on about the tetras cos that's in another post, but basically they didn't look good when I got home and they...
  17. Abbielouise1804

    Can I Add Platys To My Community Tank?

    I'm planning to up my cherry barb amount and some juli or albino corys for the bottom. Yeah, definitely planning on upping the cherry barb amount. Minimum 6 I'm going for

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