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  1. someperson

    Stocking Help

    So I'm having a bit of a problem with green spot algae (and brown sometimes). It's honestly not too bad but I'm thinking about getting a bristlenose pleco as I've heard these do the best with cichlids. If yes, just one or how many? I would also like to add some giant danios (5-6 minimum I've...
  2. someperson

    Help Iding Cichlids

    So I have a few cichlids that I would like help with IDing. The first one I bought from a breeder and he said it was a Gold Kawanga. From the pictures I've seen of them he doesn't quite look like one, maybe it's just a weird variety of it's a hybrid? He sounded very sure but maybe he had some...
  3. someperson


    Hey everyone I have a few questions about Betta care. I have kept a few in the past but didn't do enough research and just took advice from a pet store employee so they didn't last too long This time around I have done lots of research and am still doing more everyday. I haven't gotten a Betta...
  4. someperson

    Filtration Question

    Hi all I'm using a marineland emperor 400 for the filtration on my 55g cichlid tank (mostly stocked with peacock cichlids, 10 total but some are small) and am wondering if I should add another one. I've heard I should be aiming to 550GPH. If I do need more, I have an old Aquatech 30-60 (it's...
  5. someperson

    Help With Aggression And Stocking

    Hi I hope I'm posting this in the right section. I've stalked this site for a bit but just now decided to make an account and get some advice on my tank. Here's some background info. So I inherited a 55g tank from my family and they had neglected it a lot (never did water changes/didn't have...

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