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  1. Dlondon95

    Poaching Members Against the Rules

    Yes they are. That's why I said I had to get some things off my chest. I am just calling it as I see it and going from what I myself and many others agree on. Maybe they haven't been banned or punished, which I never said they were, but I have seen many times where a mod deletes a post for no...
  2. Dlondon95

    Poaching Members Against the Rules

    I feel I must speak my mine and get a couple things off my chest. You say the rules aren't etched in stone because you are allowed to apply judgement and common sense to each situation as it arisies. That's all fine and dandy, but there has to be a limit to this. I as well as many other...
  3. Dlondon95

    55 gallon blog

    The tank, plants, and fish look great Akari!
  4. Dlondon95

    The Age Thread!

    17 here! One more year of school then off to college for a couple more years.
  5. Dlondon95

    Breeding Otocinclus Affinis

    I've seen them spawning in my tank but never saw any eggs or fry. From what I have heard they are one of the more difficult species to breed and raise.
  6. Dlondon95

    most water you've had on the floor?

    I was just ready to walk out the door at 5 in the morning to go hunting and I heard something downstair that sounded like running water. I went down to find that my 110g blew a seal at the bottom and dumped about 95g on the floor.... Lets just say I was not a happy camper...
  7. Dlondon95

    36 gallon bowfront

    I have the same tank as you do and I find it very difficult to find an aqua scape that I like with it. I'm not sure why. Maybe because of the bowed front. Maybe try getting some smaller plant species, like some dwarf sag or some java ferns.
  8. Dlondon95

    I need a new bulb! What color should I get?

    I would recommend a rosette bulb and a 6700k bulb. That what I use and I am very pleased with the plant growth and the lighting in the tank.
  9. Dlondon95

    My pair flowerhorn are lip locking

    Well I'm not sure then. It may be part of their breeding behavior. Ill let someone else chime in that knows more about them.
  10. Dlondon95

    My pair flowerhorn are lip locking

    Hmm... Did you take the divider out? If so, I would put it back in for the time being.
  11. Dlondon95

    My pair flowerhorn are lip locking

    Is it a male/female pair? I don't know much about flowerhorns, but usually that is aggressive behavior and they are fighting over territory. What size tank are they in?
  12. Dlondon95

    new record for little white worms...

    Water changes can fix just about anything I've never used dewormers, so I can't say whether that will work or not. My experiences with chemicals aren't very good. haha
  13. Dlondon95

    Swordtails have fin rot?

    I would recommend daily water changes with Prime. If a water change is done with water of the same temperature, it shouldn't be stressful for the fish. Don't mess around with your pH. It is fine where it's at. Human bred fish can live in most any pH, as long as it's steady. I agree too that...
  14. Dlondon95

    new record for little white worms...

    This is what I do to get rid of them and it usually works pretty well.
  15. Dlondon95

    Starter for Siphon?

    I have an aqueon siphon that has a little one way valve that all you have to do is run it up and down in the water a couple times and BAM! Siphon started! I really like it.
  16. Dlondon95

    Shout out to Bob

    Shout out to Bob! Nice looking plants! I might go check out the site!
  17. Dlondon95

    WTB: MTS, BN Plecos, and Livebearers

    I have japanese blue swordtail guppies for sale as well as MTS.
  18. Dlondon95

    I'm not gone!

    I wondered where you guys have been. haha. The only thing that happened while I was gone was my 110g discus tank blew a seal and dumped about 90 gallons of water everywhere. All the fish are fine though. They've been put back in the 55g they used to be in. I hope to have the tank resealed...
  19. Dlondon95

    I'm not gone!

    Just wanted to let everyone know that I'm not gone! I've been really busy with school and band the last 2 months and haven't really had much time for Fishlore... All tanks are still good for the most part. Haven't sold any fish for a while so I'll have to put up another b/s/t thread.
  20. Dlondon95

    Lost Another Bloody Parrot

    Aww... Sorry Ken

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