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    What’s This Plant?

    Okay thank you very much!
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    What’s This Plant?

    Hi all, was wanting to make a Paluradium for my frogs and I’m checking what this plant is and if it can be grown above water. Thanks, Jack NOTE: I can promise you it’s not any type of Anubias because I’ve had one before and mistook it for anubias and it died when not placed in gravel
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    Horizon 130litre Aquascape

    It’s been much more planted now, with a TON of java fern and anubias. AussieJJDude, they are Dwarf Pongol, I have the dwarf varieties in my tanks and in the pond outside I have a huge one. (I live in Victoria so if this plant has survived in my pond for almost a year, it can survive anything ****)
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    Horizon 130litre Aquascape

    Hey guys! I’m a 14 year old kid and have been doing aquariums since I was 10. This is a forest themed aquascape I did today, I used Oliver Knott aquaearth substrage to get about 2 inches deep. Mainly in the tank I’ve been using rizhome plants like Anubias and java fern but I do have s. Repens...
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    Lighting For My 20 Gallon

    Yeah I know how to make the algae rock thingo, but I was more asking about how it looks with one light on the tank or should I add more
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    Lighting For My 20 Gallon

    Hi all! I’ve made some threads about this tank before, but I’d like to ask a question. I had a marine light running on the tank, not a strong one, but too strong to really have any effects on growing plants. In the span of a few days, there was some huge algae growth all on the side of the...
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    2 Tanks On 1 Stand

    Hi, I don’t think it’s needed to build a stand, as yes the stand can hold 20 gallons of water, so it should be able to hold extra for scape and gravel ect. I think it is possible, just go a little light on your scape, maybe like 2 rock iwagumi or something. Happy fish keeping
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    70 Litre (18.5 Gallon) Scape Update

    Hi all! I posted a thread asking for advice on my scape, and got some pretty good feedback. So I decided to fill the whole tank up with my larger cycled tank water, use a whole bunch of media from a cycled filter, added a fair bit of the fluval bacteria starter stuff and waited a day. Everything...
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    18 Gallon Aquascaping Advice

    How’s that? I tried to change a rock a little bit. Forgot to mention hairgrass and Monte Carlo will also be in this scape between the smaller rocks with Anubias nana
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    Red Root Floaters And Seachem Iron!

    Sorry I just saw Sinned profile pic and had to say that looks exactly like my betta.
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    Stocking Question

    Hi Jake! I personally would stop there, because I prefer the looks of lower stocked tanks. I guess it would all depend on what kind of filter your using. If your using a standard HOB or internal, I’d stop there, if you were using a decent canister filter then I guess you could fit maybe 4-7...
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    18 Gallon Aquascaping Advice

    Thanks for the feedback guys! I’ve taken it and tried to change the smaller rocks a little bit because as JayH said they do look very inline. Unfortunately nothing in the tank is glued together (rocks and wood), so maybe when I have a bit more time I’ll turn them a little to point out instead of...
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    My 20 Gallon Long

    Hey man! This is like 5 minutes after I joined Fishlore but I just wanted to say great tank! Keep on scaping bro
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    18 Gallon Aquascaping Advice

    Hi, I’m a 15 year old kid from Australia. This is I think my 4th year in the aquarium hobby, and I was wanting advice on a scape I did with some rocks I had lying around. This is for my betta, 4-5 cories and about 8 harlequin Rasboras. This is also my first post. Thanks to anyone that responds...

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