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  1. James17

    What Wood Is This And Is It Safe For Aquarium Use?

    I agree with the others, I would not use that piece of wood.
  2. James17

    Another Peacock Eel?

    Please make sure you sand the cut edges very well, I've had hundreds of cuts from that stuff over the years.
  3. James17

    If I Were To Turn My Pool Into A Tropical Pond.

    I told my wife that I was going to turn her 16,000 gallon swim spa into a tank, What an ugly face she can make when she is angry at me. :emoji_astonished:
  4. James17

    Diy Shrimp And Pleco Condos

    Just make sure the cut edges of the PVC are very smooth, great idea, I think the silicone will hold very well.
  5. James17

    How Do You Feed Your Plecos Veggies?

    I cut mine normally in a circle, freeze them and pull out as I need them. Some people boil them for a minute or two. I use a fork, pierce them and lay the fork in the bottom of the tank so the cucumber stands up and they will get it. They like squash as well.
  6. James17

    Gourami Behavior - Is This Normal?

    Well, He won't eat the veggies, I have the same guy (Charlie) I'd say this is not normal. I'd try a 30% water change and see how he likes that, it just seems like a problem with the water parameters to me.
  7. James17

    Suggestions Welcome... Planted Tank

    This is a common problem, we see other peoples tanks and they look fantastic, then we look at ours and it looks rather trashy In my opinion your tank looks very very good.
  8. James17

    Gourami Behavior - Is This Normal?

    I am very curious what do you feet him and how often?
  9. James17

    So Not Suportive Of The Hobby.

    I've read all of this and I'd like to comment but I'd better not. I'll pray for you instead, hold tough
  10. James17

    Stocking Ideas For A 50 Gal Freshwater Tank

    I keep three Dojo's in a 125 and they are everywhere, I can't see them doing real well in a 50 gallon. Don't seem like enough swimming space. I'm no expert, I could be wrong, It seems I am more than not lately.
  11. James17

    Suggestions Welcome.

    Well if your dead set on one, I'd go with a rubber lip they don't get very big.
  12. James17

    Flowerhorn In A 30?

    What would be the minimum recommended size for a Flowerhorn? I'm curious also.
  13. James17

    Suggestions Welcome.

    I'm sorry to say it but Pleco are poop machines and I wouldn't recommend putting any pleco in a ten gallon. I think it will just cause you problems.
  14. James17

    Tank Mates For Dg?

    Most DG are ok in a community tank just make sure that you don't put any other Gourami in there, that would be a big problem.
  15. James17

    Some More Pics

    Very nice indeed.
  16. James17

    120 Gallon Aquarium On Second Floor

    If it is sitting across several floor joists I think it would be fine.
  17. James17

    Small Gold Weather Loach Can’t Eat

    How about an update. How is the baby doing.
  18. James17

    Small Gold Weather Loach Can’t Eat

    When mine were babies they ate flake food, frozen blood worms mostly.
  19. James17

    Ohio Fish Rescue

    Found this very interesting video.

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