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  1. Bubbles_and_Fins

    Help My betta doesn't look healthy. Any ideas or suggestions would be much appreciated.

    The best course of action would be to lower the water levels so he can easily go up to breathe or put him in a breeder box or a smaller tank. I’m unsure about the epsom salt baths, let me tag some people who are more knowledgeable @Repolie @Fanatic
  2. Bubbles_and_Fins

    Diagnosing my betta's problem

    In my opinion it still just looks like scrapes and bumps that can happen if a betta bumps into things. Mine gets them on his head or side on occasion. Or maybe it could just be color change, because some bettas begin to have a “grizzled” look over time opposed to a solid color. :)
  3. Bubbles_and_Fins

    Diagnosing my betta's problem

    Hi! Good call on water changes for fin rot. You could also add some Indian almond leaves, as they are mildly antiseptic and help promote healthy fin growth. Are the spots raised? To me it just looks like he keeps bumping himself on things. Is there anything hard/sharp he could be doing that on?
  4. Bubbles_and_Fins

    Help My betta doesn't look healthy. Any ideas or suggestions would be much appreciated.

    Is he stuck at the bottom now or can he come up for air? If he is struggling to swim it would be a good idea to put him in a small tank with tons of resting spots until he heals so that he can breathe easier. When is the last time you fed/when are you feeding next? If I were you I’d skip the...
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    My betta zones out intermittently

    Hi! You could try rearranging the tank’s decorations or getting a new plant or stimulating natural behavior with a mirror. A lot of bored bettas will be inactive and lay around. :)
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    New tanks!! What would YOU stock it with??

    Hi! Yes do the 10g betta tank!! I love mine to death and it is very rewarding to know that you gave a poor fish in a cup a big home. This is my sweet boy Reggie and his tank that holds himself and a bunch of baby mystery snails. I’m getting African Dwarf Frogs to add tomorrow! As for...
  7. Bubbles_and_Fins

    Beginner Things

    Whoop whoop!! Doing good!
  8. Bubbles_and_Fins

    New to fish keeping and excited

    Welcome! Glad you found us! :) this is a very welcoming, friendly, and informative site. Do you have any pictures of the tanks? We’d love to see your creations!
  9. Bubbles_and_Fins

    Betta Has Become An Uncoordinated Eater - Losing Weight

    Have you tried feeding pellets? Flakes, because of their high surface area, lose a lot of their nutrition to the water before they are consumed. Plus it is hard to gauge the amount you are feeding. My best advice is to get pellets, and I suggest the new life spectrum betta formula, which...
  10. Bubbles_and_Fins

    Betta Has Become An Uncoordinated Eater - Losing Weight

    Oh my. Very skinny dude. Poor thing :( let’s see if we can get this figured out. What exactly would you feed him/how much if he was eating normally? Include any frozen/live/freeze dried foods.
  11. Bubbles_and_Fins

    Free duckweed!(?)

    I personally love my duckweed and so do my fish. It’s also good at keeping nitrates down. :)
  12. Bubbles_and_Fins

    Question Weird critters in tank? ID?

    I still stand by my previous thoughts of detritus worms and infusoria :)
  13. Bubbles_and_Fins

    This is me!

    Very beautiful, especially for your first tank! <3 They are very spoiled!
  14. Bubbles_and_Fins

    Question Weird critters in tank? ID?

    Hi! The first are detritus worms. The second are infusoria. They help break down fish waste and will not harm your tank.Your pets might even feed on them.
  15. Bubbles_and_Fins

    Does my fish have cancer?

    Hi! Unfortunately a lot of bettas these days have tumors. I don't have any experience with them, but most of the time other people tell those with tumored bettas that there is nothing that can be done. Your fish is eating and behaving normally, so he is okay! He has lived a happy and healthy 4...
  16. Bubbles_and_Fins

    This is me!

    Welcome! I'd love to see pics of your tank and fin-babies if you have any! Also, this website is amazing. I joined when I first started and have increased my knowledge (and the care for my fish) by leaps and bounds because of it. You did good by joining! :)
  17. Bubbles_and_Fins

    Help Why is my Bettas fin folded?

    Aqueon betta pellets are loaded with fillers and vegetables (which are useless for carnivorous bettas) and such. Most of the big brand foods are like that, such as tetra, top fin, etc. I highly recommend the New Life Spectrum betta pellets, they are very good and have ingredients such as whole...
  18. Bubbles_and_Fins

    Help Why is my Bettas fin folded?

    Do you mean his fins are ruffled? They could be trying to curl. I think it’s a vitamin D deficiency because the sun fixes it. You could try putting him in a large bowl in the sun for a little bit and see if they straighten up, but keep an eye on the water temp in case it heats up. Then just put...
  19. Bubbles_and_Fins

    Slow Build

    Hi! I just wanted to say that your tank is gorgeous! I’ll be eagerly watching and waiting to see what becomes of this beautiful tank <3

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