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  1. Username12345

    20 Gallon Stocking

    So I have a 20 gallon tank that had been running for a year and a half. I have a fluval 206 canister with extra media from my aquaclear that I used to run on it. There is 0ppm of ammonia 0ppm of nitrite and about 20ppm of nitrate (which is ok if I remember correctly). I have 5 zebra danios...
  2. Username12345

    Black Neon Tetra

    Ok i went and got some black neons from my lfs and they had six left so i got all six. I got them home acclimated them and got them in the tank. I noticed there was this one tetra though that had been kind of off by its self away from the rest. When i woke up the next morning I found that one...
  3. Username12345

    Aquaclear Help

    So I ordered a AquaClear 50 off Amazon. Well when I got it one of the blades on the Impeller had been broken off. I thought it would be fine so I put it together and it is making a terrible grinding like sound. I tried putting coconut oil on it to lubericate it but it didn't work. So what should...
  4. Username12345

    Filter Swap

    So i got a new filter. Do i just let them run together for a while or what. I cant seem to fit the filter media from my old filter to the new. The tank is cycled.
  5. Username12345

    Puting Down Goldfish

    So i sont have clove oil and dont have the heart to smash a fish so how can i put my goldfish down peacefully.
  6. Username12345

    Goldfish Help

    So i have this feeder goldfish that my brother bought to feed to his piranha but the evil creature died before he could feed the goldfish to it. So now i have it in my 20 gallon and i dont know what to do. The onky thing i can think of is to put it to sleep with clove oil. Is there any other...
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    Bronze Corys

    So i went to my lfs and got some corys. They only had three, 2 bronze and one pleatus cory. I keep the tank at about 72 degrees Fahrenheit. The problem is the bronze corys just sit there and the paleatus cory swims more and i am wondering why the bronze corys just sit there. Do you think they...
  8. Username12345

    Betta And Corys

    I was wondering if bronze corys and bettas could go together? I was wondering because aqadvisor says they cant go together.
  9. Username12345

    Aquaclear Or Fluval

    Which filter
  10. Username12345

    Which Tank - Fluval Flex Or Fluval Vista?

    So i have found that i really like the look of the fluval flex. But i also like the fluval vista. Now my question is which one would you guys reccomend more.
  11. Username12345

    Pygmy Corys In Fluval Spec V

    So i am gonna take a stab at live plants. I plan to get the fluval spec v. I have started to fall in love with pygmy corys and have had found mixed reviews on tank size. I was wondering if i could put 3 or 4 or even just 2 in there all on the one
  12. Username12345

    Angelfish In 20 Gal.

    Hello i plan to get a 20 gallon tank. I would like to know if i could put an angelfish with a few panda corys in a 20 gallon.

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