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  1. bobthebadger53

    Help: Bolivian Ram not looking good

    Poor thing. It's just drifting lifelessly around the tank. I fear that I will wake up to a dead fish.
  2. bobthebadger53

    Help: Bolivian Ram not looking good

    All results look normal. pH around 7.0, 0/0/~20 for the big 3 as I think of them. Meanwhile, the ram is really struggling. It is going back and forth between laying on its side and sitting upright/moving its fins around. I'm going to try to feed it a few peas soaked with garlic. Hopefully it...
  3. bobthebadger53

    Help: Bolivian Ram not looking good

    I have not gotten to test it recently but I will as soon as I can.
  4. bobthebadger53

    Help: Bolivian Ram not looking good

    This morning I looked in my 10 gallon quarantine tank and my Bolivian ram looked WAY different than it did the night before. It has been in there for almost 3 months (not what I planned, but i've been having trouble finding my next fish purchase and thought I'd take the ram out of qt then) It...
  5. bobthebadger53

    Any tree frog keepers out there?

    I assumed that I could just feed them crickets, etc. although I've never done anything with live food before. I'm trying to imagine how I will construct the land sections because I want the entire bottom of the tank to be full of water. If anyone has ever done a paludarium before, I would love...
  6. bobthebadger53

    Any tree frog keepers out there?

    I am thinking of starting a paludarium with green tree frogs, and I had several questions. The tank that I'm eyeing is a 15 gallon column (about 13x13x24). The setup I'm imagining involves a large piece of manzanita driftwood like this one...
  7. bobthebadger53

    25G Planted-Centerpiece??

    My suggestions would be a gourami or an apisto. Two types of fish that I find really cool.
  8. bobthebadger53

    Unique red cherry shrimp tank ideas?

    New intriguing idea: green tree frogs. Not sure if this is possible in my tank, but I would consider getting a much taller tank so that I could have some driftwood "trees" for them to climb around in. I'm imagining a large piece of driftwood as if it were really a tree, with the bottom of its...
  9. bobthebadger53

    Cory swims to the top?

    Hi Katie, Believe it or not, that is actually somewhat normal for cories. As long as he isn't doing it a lot, I think he's fine. One thing I worry about is the tank size. Cories really need a 20 gallon long in my opinion, as well as a school of 4 as the bare minimum. I don't think he is really...
  10. bobthebadger53

    Unique red cherry shrimp tank ideas?

    So far I feel like ADFs are my best choice, but at the same time I am intrigued by the idea of something that isn't fully aquatic like the newts, etc. that I have mentioned. Unfortunately, they all seem to eat shrimp. Any other possibilities?
  11. bobthebadger53

    Unique red cherry shrimp tank ideas?

    Are there any terrestrial/semi-aquatic frogs or toads that don't need live food? I don't like the idea of feeding them crickets. Am I correct in thinking that fire bellied newts would eat RCS?
  12. bobthebadger53

    Unique red cherry shrimp tank ideas?

    Yeah, I'm not sure if I will add fish or not. Definitely will have the RCS. Maybe CPDs or other nanofish.
  13. bobthebadger53

    Unique red cherry shrimp tank ideas?

    Something like that seems really cool to me, except mine would probably look more natural, with plants and driftwood and stuff. Could I keep a similar setup to the guy in the video?
  14. bobthebadger53

    Unique red cherry shrimp tank ideas?

    I currently have red cherry shrimp in a 5 gallon tank. I also have a 10 gallon tank that is being used for quarantine. After I'm done quarantining, I am considering moving the shrimp over to the 10. I had the idea a while back to get some celestial pearl danios for the tank but I'm not sure if...
  15. bobthebadger53

    Betta/Hermit Crab Project

    Aww. I was looking forward to this.
  16. bobthebadger53

    Has anyone seen anything like this? Need advice/suggestions

    Good luck and I really hope he gets better. You seem like you have put a lot of thought into your procedure and, if that is what you end up doing, I wish you and your fish the best.
  17. bobthebadger53

    Does Anyone Else Have A Hard Time Squeezing Out #2?

    Lol that could have been interpreted I a very different way. But yeah, I sometimes experience this same issue.
  18. bobthebadger53

    25 Gallon Planted Freshwater Community Tank Stocking

    I agree that an apisto would be great. I'm going to get one soon and I decided it would be best to only have one to avoid any aggression related to breeding. The only problem for me is finding a place that sells them...
  19. bobthebadger53

    20 & 55 Gallon (Best Setup) Stocking & Filtration ETC,

    Unfortunately I don't know much about Angels (and nothing about discus) so I won't be much help with that. For schooling fish I'd recommend rummy nose tetras although Angels might eat I said I don't really know for sure. Maybe a bristlenose pleco? And of course, some cories for the...
  20. bobthebadger53

    Gouramis, Apistos and Rams, oh my!

    Hmmm. I don't know if I'm comfortable having a pair of each of these guys. I may stick with 1 ram and 1 apisto to avoid any breeding-related aggression. Also, I want to avoid overstocking.

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