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  1. blewishblue

    Lethargic Guppy In 4 Month Old Tank

    I’m sorry your guppy isn’t feeling well. What you’re describing reminds me of a fish that may be living with the long term effects/damage of ammonia poisoning. Did this fish cycle your tank?
  2. blewishblue

    Twig Catfish

    I have a twig catfish who's thriving in a 100 gallon peaceful community tank. He is my only twig. I have never kept more than one at a time, but it's my understanding they can be kept in small groups. Mine has done fine with pleco's and cory's. Without question, your future twig should be...
  3. blewishblue

    What's Wrong With My Silver Dollar Baby?

    Fish injuries, even minor ones, often turn into localized fungal infections. The bacteria and fungi that cause those localized infections live in every tank. You are doing exactly as you should. If the fish in your community tank are not showing any signs/symptoms of disease, I wouldn't do...
  4. blewishblue

    Want To Treat For Dropsy, Help!

    Thank you, but no need...truly. Respectfully, in my opinion you are incorrect on every point. The appropriate use of solutes in aquarium water (including aquarium salt), not to be confused with the excessive use of solutes, while controversial, is in my opinion a topic plagued with false...
  5. blewishblue

    Successful Ich Treatment

    I'm a fan of salt as well. Thank you for sharing! So happy you saved your fish!
  6. blewishblue

    5 Discus For Sale

    Do you have photographs?
  7. blewishblue

    Want To Treat For Dropsy, Help!

    Please consider the possibility that your Dwarf Gourami may have Dwarf Gourami Disease. Dropsy is a symptom of that devastating virus that seems to appear from nowhere. I strongly advise against putting antibiotics into your display tank. The labels of broad spectrum fish antibiotics will...
  8. blewishblue

    What's Wrong With My Silver Dollar Baby?

    I believe the fish may have a localized fungal infection.
  9. blewishblue

    Thoughts On This Bio Media, Etc. Set-up For The New 55 Gallon?

    Hi! It sounds like you have a great plan underway! I've used most types of filtration systems and media and my favorite is an oversized HOB with at least 5x GPH and Biohome Ultimate Filter Media. Throw in a mechanical sponge. Good Luck!
  10. blewishblue

    Important Dwarf Gournami Got Stuck To Filter!

    The Dwarf Gourami will appear discolored, stop eating and become recluse...likely towards the bottom of the tank. He will rarely swim up into the water column. His stomach may be distended. He may or may not have skin lesions. There is a lot written on the disease, which is a virus. Google...
  11. blewishblue

    Help Unsure About Things.....

    I also hope he doesn’t die! Dropsy is more of a symptom than a disease and the best way to treat it is to treat the cause of it, It’s usually a bacterial infection secondary to a fish being immunicomoromised due to stress. Yes, you can treat the entire tank but unless the other fish are...
  12. blewishblue

    Betta With Lesion, Have Tried Most Everything. Help

    You’re welcome! And I think he just may love the salt.
  13. blewishblue

    Bn Pleco Definitely A Goner, But What Is He Gonna Die Of?

    Some fish keepers consider the nutrient source and the nutrient itself to be one and the same. They simply don’t understand the process of how nutrients are broken down and utilized. Many also tend to equate cost with quality which couldn’t be further from the truth in fact, often times it’s...
  14. blewishblue

    Zebra Danios Stealing Food

    You can condition your shrimp to feed beneath something that the danio's can't access. For example, you could make a slightly raised deck in the tank that the shrimp can crawl beneath but the danios can't swim under.
  15. blewishblue

    Help Unsure About Things.....

    Maybe Dropsy? A lot of fish keepers correlate dropsy (excess fluid) with the pineconing of scales, which often happens, but sometimes the fluid just stays in the abdominal cavity. Check this link out...
  16. blewishblue

    Betta Fish Markings

    Not necessarily. The disease can wax and wane, essentially becoming chronic.
  17. blewishblue

    Help Unsure About Things.....

    Google Diatom Algae - it's causes and resolution. That will explain a lot. Your nitrate level can be very high even though your tank is fully cycled. High nitrate levels stress fish. How high are your nitrates? Your danio is stressed thus vulnerable to bacterial and fungal diseases etc...
  18. blewishblue

    Help What Is This On My Fish? Anchor Worm?

    I am not a good resource for aquatic plant advice. I can tell you that fungus is caused by poor water conditions. My advice would be to start a thread and post your questions / pictures here... Aquarium Plants
  19. blewishblue

    Help Sick Guppy, What Is It?

    Yeah, but not from a pet store as that's too expensive. Most store-bought spring water works well "as is"'ll need to test it against your current water to make sure you don't cause a crazy pH swing. Distilled/RO water works too but it will need to be mineralized. Or how about just find...
  20. blewishblue

    Help Sick Guppy, What Is It?

    He may be dying due to ongoing exposure to low levels of ammonia. If your tap water contains ammonia, you may want to consider purchasing water instead. I'm sorry your guppy is dying.

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