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  1. lilabug4545

    Are These Betta Stress Stripes?

    Those just look like the lines of the scales!
  2. lilabug4545

    I Want To Draw Your Fish!

    I don't mean to hijack the thread, but I'm trying to get better at drawing fish lol so would anyone mind if I used your pictures to practice?
  3. lilabug4545

    Sad Day Today

    I'm pretty sure DG's will fight to the death. Are you sure that this isn't what happened?
  4. lilabug4545

    Romeo And Juliet

    Beautiful bettas! Are you keeping them together?
  5. lilabug4545

    I Had To Kill My Betta And It Was Awful.

    So sorry for your loss. I know losing such a personable fish can be hard, and I’m sending internet hugs to you <3 With that said, as you mentioned, bettas are labyrinth fish and breathe from the surface. You have to completely close off the container so that they are beathing in the vapors...
  6. lilabug4545

    Mystery Koi Girl

    Hey all! So, I’m normally pretty good with betta genetics. I normally can identify what genes are at play with a certain fish, and what aren’t. But, I recently found a pretty girl at Petco (of course, I had to come home with her) and I’m stumped. She looks like a koi, but instead of white, she...
  7. lilabug4545

    New Search And Newsletter Email

    Ooh, that's actually a really interesting idea!
  8. lilabug4545

    Question Betta Tail Injury?

    If it's getting worse, it may be a case of tail biting, but I haven't seen a case that looks like that. The best course of action would be to keep doing regular water changes and see if that helps. Are you sure that there isn't anything he could rip his fins on?
  9. lilabug4545

    How To Stop Buying Stuff

    Oh my gosh. If you can figure out the secret to this, you would be god-like. Just this week, I bought a 10, and two 20 longs because of the DPG sale! Ack!
  10. lilabug4545

    New Search And Newsletter Email

    What's going to be in these newsletter emails? I assume updates to the forum, but would there be any personalized details, or would it just be a general type of thing?
  11. lilabug4545

    What To Stock A 75 Gallon With?

    I know, right!? I feel like if I got the chance to have two 75's, one would be an oscar tank, and the other would just have a bunch of nano fish!
  12. lilabug4545

    Help Something Is Covering My Guppy’s Eyes! Please Help!

    Do not stress her, as that will cause her to abort the babies. I'd put her back in the tank, and her babies, as hat will give them both the greatest chance of survival.
  13. lilabug4545

    10 Gal. Stocking Ideas??

    IMO, kuhlis and any tetras or danios need to be in a 20 long or more (Unless you want to do what I had to, and way over decorate the tank). I would just do the gourami, and a bunch of shrimp.
  14. lilabug4545

    What To Stock A 75 Gallon With?

    If he wants a single bigger fish, you could try an oscar! I've always wanted to do an oscar tank, which people seem to end up being surprised about, considering that I'm a nano person. Otherwise, I would look into some other cichlid species (again, nano person, so I can't really help you much)...
  15. lilabug4545

    Misterious Guppy Death

    It's not good for female guppies to put in breeding boxes. If you put them in there, she will try to abort the babies most likely, which is what probably happened. Stress is not good for any pregnant animal, fish included. So, what was going on with the angelfish? Was there a male guppy that was...
  16. lilabug4545

    Question If You Could Do It All Over Again...

    Honestly, this is probably my favorite out of the ones that everyone has listed. And it's 100% because I absolutely ADORE pygmy suns!
  17. lilabug4545

    Final Stocking List.

    I would do 7 Harlequins 7 Glowlights 7 Male guppies 7 cories 10 snails 24 assorted shrimp Then you can see how it looks, and decide if you really want to add more.
  18. lilabug4545

    Withholding Food

    I tend to feed only about 4-5 times a week, and only feed once a day if it's a fish that I'm conditioning to breed. My pygmy sunfish I fed about once a week, because they would eat any algae in the tank, and I made sure that there was a lot.
  19. lilabug4545

    Want To Sell Fish And More

    How much would a trio and a pair of the red picta be?
  20. lilabug4545

    Best Light For Plant Growth - Need Recommendations

    My Fluval Aquasky works pretty well, but my favorite has to be this light: I find that for shallower tanks, these lights do wonders. You'd want to get a bigger size than the one probably linked however, you'd want something that extends to around 30-36".

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