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  1. Tunafishlove

    Help My Fish Got Ich And Its Not Going Away Yet

    Ive done all I can for them and I feel like I failed them... Treating the tank with malachite green for the second time and it doesnt seem to be getting any better, it just made my nitrate levels go crazy. I feel really sad about it. I even tried a lightly salted soak tonight on my clown loach...
  2. Tunafishlove

    Leaves Falling Off Lower Area Of Plants And Holes In Java Fern

    I have a 32 gal tank with 2 angels and one rainbow shark and bristle nose plecos. I have a fluorescent light that I keep on from 9am to 11pm and I have found that the lower leaves fall off my plants and the leaves of my one very long java fern has holes all over it. Noticed other holes in some...
  3. Tunafishlove

    Bristlenose Pleco Belly Over Sized And Bumpy For Weeks

    I have a breeding tank for BNP and this one has had a large stomach for weeks that looks very bumpy. I also noticed brown spots on her scales? What should I do?

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