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  1. ReefShark

    Help Flaming Scallop--care and feeding?

    I have had a beautiful red flaming scallop in my 55 gal tank for a couple of months now & seems to be OK. I add Zooplankton every 2-3 days thinking thats what it needs. Is there anything else I should be doing for this critter other than keep water chemistry in good shape? The reason I ask is...
  2. ReefShark

    Question Mars Aqua 165 W LED--What colors to use?

    I recently got a MARS AQUA 165 W LED--it is beautiful and has a large variety of color options. I have no idea what colors to dial in to best suit a Hammer Coral, live rock and a Flaming scallop. Any help?
  3. ReefShark

    Algae? What Is This?

  4. ReefShark

    Brittle Star A Bad Actor?

    My wife says she saw our brittle starfish attacking a small Gobi in our tank---this happened a week after a very small chromis -- 1 inch long - disappeared... We thought the Harlequin Bass ate the poor little chromis, but now have our doubts and are thinking to blame the brittle star... Any...
  5. ReefShark

    How Many Hours Per Day To Run The Bubble Curtain?

    55 gallon, salt, with hard corals and fish. -- How many hours a day should I run my bubble curtain to keep the dissolved oxygen at the proper level? I have two powerheads running 24/7
  6. ReefShark

    Question Hermit Crab? Keep Or No?

    This dude appeared out of the shell today after I had the shell in the tank for several days---I am pretty sure its a hermit crab....I am not sure if I want to/should keep him in the tank. I have clownfish, gobies, a watchman tang, some turbo snails and starting to grow / keep some hard corals...
  7. ReefShark

    Staghorn Coral

    I added these staghorn corals to my tank today. What is the type light I need to keep it alive? What all else do I need to do to keep it alive? Yea I know its an open ended question....
  8. ReefShark

    What Is This Called?

    This is off the top perimeter of my 55 gallon tank. It is broken and I want to find a replacement. I don't know what it is called or where to get one. Any Help?
  9. ReefShark

    Feeding Mexican Snails

    Just stocked a new 55 gal salt aquarium with 3 Mexican snails. No algae in the tank, yet. I have read that feeding them nori is maybe a good idea. Tank cycled three weeks with a bit of live rock and sand before adding any live critters. Water tests are good. If it is a good idea, how much do...

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