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    Tips for raising angelfish eggs

    I have two angelfish in a 55 gallon tank with a shark, 12 tiger barbs, and an algae eater. The angelfish laid eggs recently and all the other fish are hiding in the corner because they are protecting the eggs. I want to move the plant/leaf with the eggs to a separate tank because I want to try...
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    55 Gallon Filter Is A Ruthless Dyson Strength Vacuum Of Doom...need A New One

    So I purchased a 55 gallon aquarium kit that came with an Aqua Tech filter for 30-60 gallons. I know it's a very basic filter and fully intend on upgrading because its crazy powerful. One of my fish got stuck to the intake and died. He was a tiny angel fish and the intake is twice his size. When...
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    Redtail Shark With A White Tail

    I just brought home a redtail shark, it was the only one of its kind left in the tank with other sharks. His tail is completely white, besides the tips be slightly red. I'm assuming it was just too stressed at the store but just want to double check with someone on here. He's doing great in my...

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