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  1. Brooklyn Vasquez

    Help Overstocking 37-gallon?

    So I was thinking about lots of fish but I completely forgot about the overstocking factor when keeping fish. So here was the fish I was planning to get: 6 Pygmy Corydoras 6 Endlers 5 Rams 3 Leopoldi Angelfish (I know this is a relatively hard fish to keep but my friend gave me some advice...
  2. Brooklyn Vasquez

    My Final Cycle Test

    Today I was testing my tank and I felt like it was almost cycled! I wanted to know what my results were and if you think I am ready to put fish in. If you don't think I am ready to put fish what do you think I should do. Cycle Test by Brooklyn Vasquez posted Feb 13, 2019 at 7:52 PM Thanks in...
  3. Brooklyn Vasquez

    Tannins Still Releasing???

    Hi all! When I first started setting up my dirted weeks 3 week ago I noticed that tannins (as expected) were releasing! I did my weekly water changes because my tank was in the middle of cycling and I didn't want to disrupt the cycling process. I just put driftwood in today after I cured it by...
  4. Brooklyn Vasquez

    Help Help On Testing

    So I was testing today and I need your help today to find out what is the ph, ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate. I feel color blinded today and I can't seem to figure it out... :shame: Thanks in advance! By the way, if you are wondering why my ammonia is so high I am cycling right now if you...
  5. Brooklyn Vasquez

    A Yellow Color In My Tank?

    So while I was cycling my tank, I found an odd color of yellow in sight. It all started when I was about ready to go to school. I measured the ammonia to see if the ammonia is decreasing over time so I know if I need to feed the ammonia as soon as I come back from school. It was clear as ever...
  6. Brooklyn Vasquez

    Air Bubbles?

    While cycling my tank, I seem to find some air bubbles in the tank. It has been like this for 2 days, any reasons why? Will this affect my tank or the cycle? Any ideas on how to get rid of it doesn't look that good... Screenshot 2019-01-13 At 11.16.33 by Brooklyn Vasquez posted Jan 13, 2019 at...
  7. Brooklyn Vasquez

    Mold On My Soil???

    When setting up my tank, I put soil in my tank for my plants. When compacting the soil (by putting water in) I accidentally put too much. After realizing this I waited for the water in my soil to evaporate. I was waiting until I noticed mold, these white furry speckles in my soil. Any ideas on...
  8. Brooklyn Vasquez

    Need A Cheap 37-gallon Tank... (or Any Gallons Higher)

    Anybody know any good cheap tanks (no starter kits). I wanted the topfin 37-gallon tank which is $150 MSRP. I just want a tank no extra things because starter kits are more expensive. Any ideas?
  9. Brooklyn Vasquez

    Help Any Good Sand For My Fish And Plants?

    I want some pygmaeus corydoras with some plants like dwarf hair grass. Anybody know any good sand for the pygmaeus corydoras and plants on top of the soil? I would also like to know if the pygmaeus corydoras will work well with dwarf hair grass. Thx!
  10. Brooklyn Vasquez

    Help Anybody Here Know A Website Called Arizona Aquatic Gardens?

    Ok, so I came across a website that had almost every fish I wanted and they had a good selection. I looked through the reviews and I was confused whether I should trust this website. I want to hear from you all if you have tried this website and is this a good website to get my fish. I would...
  11. Brooklyn Vasquez

    Question Will Angelfish Eat Pygmaeus Corydoras And Guppies?

    Any ideas before I start stocking them. Angelfish are pretty but boy can they be bullies.
  12. Brooklyn Vasquez

    Question Can I Keep 7 Guppies 6 Japanese Rice Killifish 6 Pygmaeus Corys 2 Angelfish And 2 Rams

    I am getting a 37-gallon tank. Two things. 1: Are these fish compatible with one another 2. Is this a size for the fish I am getting. (I don't wanna go higher than this because I am on a budget!) I am really scared about having the 2 angelfish although they are my favorite fish, so I...

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