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  1. Herkimur

    Tank Trouble

    Oh that would’ve been a heck of a mess. Looks like a big tank. Can’t believe a company would make an inefficient stand for this amount of water. On a side note: I like your Kookoo Clock!
  2. Herkimur

    Help With Sick Betta (velvet And Fin Rot)

    If you live within the EU(UK) get a product called Voogle by Easy-Life. Also get liquid Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid ) to help protein/tissue regeneration.
  3. Herkimur

    Betta And Ghost Shrimp Behaviour

    I just know that Bettas get bored quickly and love to nibble on things that move. In nature they don’t really hunt in the same way we’d think a carnivorous land animal would, but instead they get lucky by having tons of fly larvae float around in semi-stagnant, warm waters. So if it’s near...
  4. Herkimur

    What Happens During A Power Outage ? Will Beneficial Bacteria Still Live If Hob Filter Is Off?

    Where would this type of bacteria be if by evolution it dies within hours of a “filter” shutting off. This type of beneficial bacteria can live for days especially if it’s an internal sponge type. If you have an external canister it’s best to unhook, and place the contents in a bucket with...
  5. Herkimur

    Lobster The Plant Monster : Will This Be The End For All Tank Plants?

    I’ve had Crays before and you can kiss all your live plants good-bye
  6. Herkimur

    Platy And Plant Flicking, Video Included, Really Need Help, Scared For Fish

    My Platies do that too. Not excessively, I catch them do it perhaps once a week and I have to watch for hours to see it. Then I've noticed they do it when poop won't fall off their bowels and they want to break it off to be 'free' and clean. At times they flick over the substrate to make debris...
  7. Herkimur

    New Bn Pleco Owner Question

    You mentioned a snail. Just remember snails need a ph over 7 or their shells get soft and erode away. They need hard alkaline water. Plecos benefit from liquid vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) to aid in the building block of proteins. It helps heal minor skin 'disorders'.
  8. Herkimur

    Please Help My Favorite Platy Is Sick Sos

    Platies need 'cooler' tropical temperatures, between 68-76°F. They live about 2-3 years. If you turn your temperature to 76+ degrees their metabolism speeds up and it shortens their life span. Also Platies need LOTS of Minerals, water should be fairly hard. If you have that many fish using up...
  9. Herkimur

    Listless Guppy Hanging Around Near Bottom Of Tank

    If he is still alive I'd dose his tank with Levamisole. This looks like an intestinal parasite and Levamisole will expel the parasite within 2-4 hours. Be present after dosing, sometimes it's best to use half the recommended dosage. I've had a fish with a parasite so big it got stuck at the...
  10. Herkimur

    Listless Guppy Hanging Around Near Bottom Of Tank

    A fish that carries a parasite will distant itself from the others until the parasite infection clears. If it's internal and doesn't clear, the loner fish becomes food and the parasite moves up the food chain.
  11. Herkimur

    Mold/musty Water

    I found that cheap fish food full of fillers stinks up my tank over time. Also, spider wood seems to reek! Mopani wood doesn't.
  12. Herkimur

    Platy Emergency!!

    What's your ph/hardness? Platies like company, heavily planted with a soft current tanks and nibbling on diatoms. Did you deworm the fish when you got it?
  13. Herkimur

    Water Testing

    When cycling a new tank it takes me about 3.5 weeks to finish so I don't test after day 1 until day 21. Saves product. My established tank I test maybe every 2 months, only for the plants sake. I'm understocked and overfiltered.
  14. Herkimur

    Help! No Power

    That! We lost power already 3x this summer and I'm tired of moving water by hand all night when I should be getting sleep! I broke down and bought a generator that can keep the tank, fridge, freezer with ice, air fans and a couple gaming PC's going.
  15. Herkimur

    Crayfish Has Both Arms Tore Off

    Your crayfish will have 2 brand new miniclaws when he completes his next molt, the better the nutrients and water hardness, the bigger the new claws. He'll be fine but completely defenseless without his weapons.
  16. Herkimur

    Keeps Turning Green

    The product I use is called PhosGuard. I use the lose pellets (they also come already bagged but the amount is tiny) and stuff them into a filter bag, then place it within my canister filter.
  17. Herkimur

    Keeps Turning Green

    Kill your Phosphates and your problem will go away.
  18. Herkimur

    How To Do A Plant Salt Dip?

    In a bright room that receives natural sunlight through windows, but not in a spot that the sunlight would hit. This is enough light exposure for underwater plants to keep growing. If you're worried about nutrients you can dump aquarium water in with it that has some Nitrates. Or squirt some...
  19. Herkimur

    Bubbles Coming Out From The Substrate.

    It's a north side window and gets closed when I turn aquarium lights off. Every other spot in the house is occupied and the next place to be would be either the garage or outside
  20. Herkimur

    How To Do A Plant Salt Dip?

    I put plants in a bucket of sink water (not dechlorinated) and let it sit in indirect sun light for a week. The snails leave the plant and eventually scoot around the bucket, just pick them out. On the day I plant the aquatic plant into the aquarium I give it another thorough rinse under...

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