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  1. Courtenay

    Help Sick Betta!!!! Help Please.

    Thank you, I do know what the nitrogen cycle is, I have my 4th tank running a fish less cycle right now. Only reason why I do every two weeks is because I use pristine in my tank in between cleanings. If the parameters don't go down I will end up doing them early but they've always been...
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  5. Charlie


    Nerite Snail
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  7. 20191007_003256


  8. Siam


    Twintail Betta
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  11. Community Tank

    Community Tank

    Platys, Mollies, Otos
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  14. Thor


    Halfmoon Betta
  15. Courtenay

    Help Sick Betta!!!! Help Please.

    :( Sadly over night Loki passed away..
  16. Courtenay

    Mixed Mollies?

    These arent the best pictures but here's my dalmatian and my black with orange a bit of white. If you look at the black molly (far left) you'll see his back fins, they have no colour at the end! It's just a genetic mutation. Shes a healthy fish otherwise.
  17. Courtenay

    Mixed Mollies?

    I have multiple mollies, 2 black, dalmatian, orange, black with orange sprinkled through it, 2 goldbloons, and 4 fry which I'm not sure what they will look like still very tiny!
  18. Courtenay

    Help Sick Betta!!!! Help Please.

    I know he wasn't young, hes never gotten any bigger than he has now. I dont, I tried turning the light on and seeing if he'd come out of his cave but no go. He just isn't himself, like a scale of 1 to 10 hes acting like 6. The not wanting to eat, the eyes that look like their protruding, him not...
  19. Courtenay

    Help Sick Betta!!!! Help Please.

    As per rules here is the template Tank What is the water volume of the tank? 9 gallons How long has the tank been running? 7 months Does it have a filter? Yes, built in, Fluval Flex Does it have a heater? Yes What is the water temperature? Hovers around 25 What is the entire stocking...
  20. Courtenay

    Question Can Someone Tell Me If My Female Molly Is Ready Or Near Birth?

    Hi, my black molly looks pregnant which I'm sure she is as my orange one just had babies and I had no idea and was only able to save one. Help please :nailbiting: Here are some pictures I just took of her, should I put her in the hatchery tonight?

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