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    What Plants Can I Grow With My Silver Dollars?

    Ok so I have 3 silver dollars that are pretty healthy and I want plants in my tank because I find them really beautiful. I know silver dollars are pretty notorious in eating plants but mine seem to be wierd. I've heard they don't mess with anubias so I got some anubias and they are them pretty...
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    Silver Dollars Swimming Fast And End Up Hitting Each Other

    My silver dollars pretty shy but around night when I turn of the bright light and change it to the blue light, they love swimming around the back of the tank. It's pretty entertaining to me to see that they are like this but when reaches the end of the tank and turns to swim the other way, they...
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    Weird Thing Shows Up My Otto's Head And Now Its Dying

    My otto had this wire patch thing on top of his head and hes now looks really irritating on him and idk....I'm pretty sure hes gonna die soon because I dont have anything to help in the moment. I posted a photo
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    Angelfish Facing The Back

    I just got a new angelfish and it stares a the back of the tank a whole lot idk if it thinks the back is the front cause all the other fish look at me when i walk by...idk lol
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    Sick Fish And I Don't Know What To Do [deleted]

    Daniel Acedilla submitted a new resource: - I need some help and idk what to do....
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    Sick Fish And Dont Know What To Do

    Okay so idk how to fully to work this but i think I'm finally where I'm suppose to ask questions...... Anyway, I have a large female guppy who has a white blob protruding out of her gills at most a week or two before she gave birth. After she gave birth, she didn't lose that large bulge most...
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    Can Make Guppies Override The Sperm Inside Ththe Female From A Different Male?

    I bought a female guppy who was ready to pop and in a matter of days, she gave birth. Now I just recently bought a new male cobra guppy and wanted her to mate with him. I know female guppies can hold to sperm for 3-6 months so I was wondering if males had the ability to throw off the sperm...
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    Hello Guys

    I'm new here and sorta new to the hobby of taking fish I'm mostly interested in fancy guppies and aquascaping. If anyone knows a site where they sell fancy guppies at a reasonable price, I would like to know lol. I'm a broke high school student so I usually just window shop online.

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