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    5.2 Gallon - Need Nano Stocking Ideas!

    Hey FishLorians, I picked up a super cheap 5.2 gallon tank. Its got a filter, will have an eheim Jager 50W heater, and will be planted. All I know I want to stock right now are cherry shrimp. Will probably go with a blue or black and white variety. I'd like one or a pair of tiny fish to occupy...
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    20 Long Or 29 Gallon - Help Me Pick And Stock

    After a move from Las Vegas a year and a half ago, and having no aquariums, I'm starting to get that itch again. I haven't made any decisions yet on size, was thinking 20 L for better light penetration for plants, but it's that or a 29. My issue is I have no clue what I want to stock it with. I...
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    Need help with flow placement

    Hey Fish Lorians. I'm having an issue with always having free floating particles in my 85 gallon planted tank. Doesn't seem to make a difference what or how much I feed. I do weekly water changes, and just did a nearly 90% water change last week. It did clear up minor yellowing I didn't notice...
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    Help me pick equipment for my first reef tank.

    Hey guys, I'm looking into starting either a 20 gallon long reef, with mainly inverts and maybe a small goby or blenny, maybe small firefish goby. I might do a 40 gallon, my biggest challenge there is being able to afford all the live rock and sand, and the fact that I still have yet to find a...
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    Please help me ID customers snail.

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    Help me with a Hawaiian biotope.

    So, I'm starting to get the itch to jump into saltwater aquariums. I'm just here to ask a million questions and get my equipment list and stock plan together well in advance. I know it is advised for a beginning saltwater tank to be larger, but I'd really love to try a 20 gallon long. I'm...
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    Petco Dollar Per Gallon

    The Dollar Per Gallon sale will grace your local Petco as well as a 20% sale on fish (have to double check if it's all livestock, plants, and corals, or select fish.) The dates of the sale is July 8th - 10th! Coming soon but just enough time to plan your next tank
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    Need powerhead/circulation pump suggestions

    I have a few dead spots around the base of a few plants. I have a strong flow on my filter but the tank is heavily planted so I have a few spots that need some extra flow. I'm not in a hurry, I am upgrading the tank this month but anticipate I will have the same problem in the bigger tank. I am...
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    Help me stock my new 85 gallon :)

    Hey all. Moving later this month and looking to change my current 55 gallons stock when I move the fish to the new tank. Currently, I have the following. 1 Marble angel 2 GBR 1 Golden Wonder Killifish (last one alive) 7 or so Harlequin Rasbora 1 Black Phantom Tetra (had bought more but got a...
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    Las Vegas or Southern Nevada

    Any clubs in Las Vegas or the Southern Nevada area? (North Las Vegas, LV, Henderson)
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    What kind of crayfish is this?

    We got this little one as a surprise in a fish shipment today from a vendor based in Florida. I know there are tons of crayfish that come in but normally we don't get one bagged by itself. Help? image Almost white in color, no markings.
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    Worm burrowing into side of fish?

    Or maybe burrowing from the inside out? I had a customer bring a baby silver dollar into my store today, and it has what looks like a brown circle with a white raised dot in the middle on it's side, right before it's anus. Almost right where a gravid spot would be on a livebearer. It is also...
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    Crayfish in 5 gallon

    I have never kept a crayfish, so I have potentially dumb questions. I came across the Cajun Dwarf Crayfish and read that a trio can be kept in less than 10 gallons. Is there any truth to that. If one was eyeballing the Fluval Spec V that holds about 5 gallons of water, would on be able to house...
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    Hey all. So I bought this: It is the 28 day formula and it's concentration is 2.5%. I read different opinions on how much to dose so I thought I'd pick everyones brains here. I need the proper daily dose for a 55 gallon with a wet dry filter that adds probably 10 gallons. I need the...
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    Willow branches

    I've currently got manzanita and another type of wood, not 100% sure what it is. Was browsing and am really drawn to the willow branches to fill in a couple spots. Anyone have any info about their safe use in aquariums or how long they may last?
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    Help me build a betta tank :)

    Hello Fishlorians! My mom has never had her own tank but has watched as mine come together and loves the plants. She's always kept a nice yard and garden but since she moved in with me in Nevada, her green thumb hasn't been put to much use. Well I scored a free 5.5 gallon glass aquarium. I...
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    Need help selecting a centerpiece!

    Hey guys. After a fight with camallanus worms, I'm slowly working on restocking my 55 gallon. Current stock 8 Harlequin Rasbora (will be 12) 2 Golden Wonder Killifish (either will get 4 more or after they pass of old age, get Marble Hatchets or an African Butterfly, depending) 7 Hara hara...
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    Swollen lips

    So I have a 10 gallon QT tank that I recently added 5 black phantom tetra and 2 german blue rams to. One gbr wasn't doing well when I added her and she passed during the night. This tank has a hob and a sponge filter, heater, dim lights, small live plants and almond leaves. I will have to test...
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    A couple different questions.

    I have a few questions, not exactly all related but I thought I'd go ahead and make one big post. 1) In my 55 gallon, I have several swords, some crypts, vals, Java fern, anubias, golden jenny, and I think hygro. Anubias and Java fern are all glued to manzanita. I have always dosed with Seachem...
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    Hara hara catfish

    I find different info about these guys. We just got some in at Petco and I was wondering if anyone could confirm the temp range and whether they like to be alone or in groups. Max size? Link to a good, trustworthy profile for them? Thanks

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