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  1. Chris_96

    Question Top Level Swimming Fish

    Hi guys, could you help me find a peaceful top level swimming fish for my 40 gal tank? Currently I have 5 Harlequin Rasboras swimming top-middle level but I wanted to replace them with something else except for Hatchets. I want something with more obvious color. My Rasboras are bronze in color...
  2. Chris_96

    Question Pearl Gourami: Help Identify the Sex

    Please help me identify the sex my one and only young pearl gourami. He/she is 1.75 inches big right now. Please see the images below. I want a male so hopefully i got the right one.
  3. Chris_96

    Question Will Boesemani And Millenium Rainbows Cross Breed?

    Guys, will Boesemani and Millenium Rainbows Cross breed? Please advice. Thanks!
  4. Chris_96

    Help Columnaris Outbreak Kills Fish In 24 Hrs

    Hello guys. I need your expert advice. My tank have a columnaris outbreak which is killing my fishies within 24 hours. A group of 6 rummy nose dropped like flies within a day along with gouramis and other fishies like angel, cardinals, rainbows and swordtail has a white cotton fungus like in...
  5. Chris_96

    Help Sexing My Rainbows

    Hello guys, I have photos of my 2 Boesemani Rainbows here. One is about 2 inches and the other is at 3 inches. Can you help me identify their genders? I am qiute confused because I think the colors are quite drab or ugly so its hard for me to identify them. Thanks! Photos of the 2 inches...
  6. Chris_96

    My 40 Gal Setup

    Hello guys, just wanted to share my cycled tank decoration setup. Honestly I would like to ask everyones opinion good or bad, things to add, rearrange or if it is already fine.
  7. Chris_96

    Pimafix For Ich?

    Hi, I have seen ich in my tetras, rainbows and Gourami. My temp now is at 86 deg F for 3 days now and currently using Paraguard and salt. I went to Petland and asked for a stronger medication (kinda expecting Rid Ich or Ich X) but both meds are not available. The fish guy recommended Pimafix...
  8. Chris_96

    How Many Schooling Fish Species In A Community Tank?

    Does anybody knows how many schooling fish species in a 40 community tank? Should you keep 2 species only or you can put 3? Say I have 8 cardinals, 6 rasboras, and 5 rainbows?
  9. Chris_96

    Using Nutrafin Waste Control For Maintenance?

    Does anyone here can prove if Nutrafin Waste Control works as a biological cleaner? Mostly will say it is not needed if you will maintain your tank properly by doing water changes and using gravel vac and we all agree with that. But I think there are some who are lazy to do that and want to...
  10. Chris_96

    Keeping 2 Dwarf Gouramis

    Hello, is it oky to keep 2 male dwarf gouramis in a 40 gallon tank?
  11. Chris_96

    Help Sexing Blue Rams

    I was asking the same question as well 2 days now regarding one of my blue rams. Can you check the gender of my ram as well? Sarah73
  12. Chris_96

    Help Rams Genders?

    Hello, Can you help me identify the genders of my GBR’s? Thanks! 1st one: 2nd:
  13. Chris_96

    Please Help Identify My Blue Rams Gender?

    Hi everyone, newbie here. I just want to ask if you guys could identify the genders of my 2 rams. I am not sure if both are female. Thanks for the help! (See photos) Ram no.1 Ram no.2

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