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  1. Jack B.

    55 gal stocking. Want opinions.

    I have a 55 gallon I’m gonna set up in the coming months and I plan on planting it up pretty and had an idea for stocking and wanted some input/ideas for what I should do. It will be cycled before fish are put in. my idea right now is: Pearl gourami pair 8 blue king tetras 8 red phantom...
  2. Jack B.

    Betta Community

    So I have a Betta that is in a 5gal tank that I’m wanting to do a sweet potato system with and I want to take the Betta out for a month so I can set up the potato tank filterless and not have to worry about struggling with a cycle. I want to transfer it to my 20 gallon long (current stock is 6...
  3. Jack B.

    Cory Fry Question

    So about three weeks ago I hatched about 25 Corydoras melanotaenia, with only a few dying (they were stunted) I have one currently that I believe has an air bladder problem. Issue is I can’t get a photo to show cause my camera won’t focus. My question is should I euthanize it or try and save...
  4. Jack B.

    20 Gallon Tank Stocking Question

    I know every fish is different in terms of aggression but generally speaking could two pearl gourami and a Bolivian ram live together since they occupy different water columns?
  5. Jack B.

    Cory Eggs Fungus

    Can anyone tell me if this is fungus on these eggs?
  6. Jack B.

    Question Stocking 20 gallon Long

    Would it be overstocking to put 6-8 Serpae Tetras, 4 green Cory’s, 2 honey gourami and one Bolivian ram in a 20 long? If so any recommendations?
  7. Jack B.

    Need To Change Tank, No Space To Set Up New Tank For Cycle.

    Here’s my problem, I currently have a 10 gallon with four Serpae Tetras and three green Cory’s, I have a 20 gallon tank I’m looking to set up to swap my current tank out with. The issue is that I don’t have space to set up the tank to let it cycle and since I’m going to have a new filter in the tank I need...

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