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  1. Aster

    Betta Fins Curling

    My betta's dorsal, ventral and analfins have always been curled/bent since I got him about a month and a half ago. But looking back at those pictures, I've noticed that the curling seems to be worse now and I can't figure out why. His caudal fin is beginning to curl at one edge, too. From what...
  2. Aster

    New Betta!

    My mom and I went to Petco today to check out their Black Friday deals and I just had to stop by the betta section... Long story short, after a lot of begging, a lot of luck, and driving back after we'd already left the store, I got to take home one lucky betta. So guess what, meet Lucien...
  3. Aster

    Flourish Comp and Amano Shrimp

    I just got some Flourish Comprehensive and dosed 0.6ml into my 10 gallon planted tank (didn't want to start with the full dose). I checked back on the tank and I saw one of my amano shrimp flipped over on its side in the corner, with another sitting beside it. Now the flipped over one has stood...
  4. Aster

    Is Freeze-Dried So Bad?

    Multiple occasions I've seen people say that freeze-dried fish foods are unhealthy, not nutritious as frozen, "junk food", etc. I decided to do some research of my own and I've found no evidence of this. I originally wanted to compare...
  5. Aster

    Petco Dollar Per Gallon Sale?

    What is going on with this sale? If you check the local ads for stores in California, they have the sale, but check ads for other states and apparently it's only 10% off? ???
  6. Aster

    Is this fin rot?

    Went to check on the tank this morning and found my male guppy with what looks like fin rot. His entire dorsal fin had disintegrated, leaving behind just clear fin rays. The fin rot (?) doesn't seem to have affected his tail, but his tail has always been a bit ragged so I can't really tell. I...
  7. Aster

    Water Wisteria Rotting

    Hello all! About two to three months ago, I bought water wisteria, anubias, and java fern from Petco. There were several stems in the tube of water wisteria, and most appear to be in the emerged form. A few weeks after planting, I noticed that some leaves were falling off and the bottom of the...
  8. Aster

    Do You Name Your Fish?

    Just a fun poll Do you name your fish? If so, which ones and what were their names? For me, it depends. I tend to name fish that have spunk and I can tell apart from the others. I've started a trend of naming my guppies after Greek gods and goddesses.
  9. Aster

    How to Sink Food for Cories?

    I've always wondered this. My cories currently get sinking shrimp pellets, but I'd like to give them some more variety. Other than tropical fish flakes, I have freeze-dried brine shrimp cubes, freeze-dried bloodworms, and sun-dried gammarus shrimp. I've tried soaking them, but to no success...
  10. Aster

    My DIY Tank Background

    Hello fellow Fishlorians! Time for a DIY! I've always liked those super cool 3D rock backgrounds that people have, I'm sure you've all seen them before. Finally, I decided to try it out! But having a smaller sized tank, 10 gallons, really limited my options. Most rock walls took up a LOT of...
  11. Aster

    Switching Gravel to Sand

    After hearing about all the benefits of sand, I've finally decided to give it a go! But before diving in head-first, I just have a few questions that are probably really obvious... but I'll ask them anyway! (This is a 10 gallon cycled tank, with 3 guppies and 2 cories) 1. In your opinion...
  12. Aster

    Aggressive Female Guppy?

    Hi everyone! I'm new to Fishlore, I've been lurking around for awhile but finally decided to post a question of my own! So I have a 10 gallon tank with a male and female guppy, 6 fry, and 2 cory cats (I'm planning on adding a few more soon.) Ever since my female guppy was put back into the...

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