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    Question Is this common male African Cichlid (Peacock) behavior?

    I am in the process of stocking my 75 gallon african cichlid tank and got 7 more today. After a bit of settling in, I caught my dragonblood peacock doing this with 2 different fish. I ordered male fish so I'm baffled as to why they are doing this. Anyway, they are doing the breeding routine...
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    Question 75 gallon African Cichlid Tank Stocking Amount

    Hello fellow African Cichlid Fish keepers. I had a question on how many fish you have a 75 gallon tank; or how many could you have in a tank that size. The tank is currently being filtered by a Fluval FX6 Canister Filter. I will have 14 total cichlids (Peacock/Hap) mix. Just trying to determine...
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    Are these snail eggs?

    Just wondering if these are snail eggs. I have 2 nerite snails in the tank. Should I take them out?
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    Help Greenish Cloudy Water

    Hello everyone, My daughters 29 gallon tank finally cycled about 3 weeks ago. 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites and 5 to 10 Nitrates. Recently, for about a week and a half now, the water started to get cloudy with a white tinge. Now for about 4 or so days, it has turned into a greenish/brown tinge. I've...
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    Question Cichlid Keepers Advice for best Cichlids for a beginner

    Hello everyone, I'm currently cycling a 75 gallon tank that will hold African Cichlids. I was thinking on doing Mbunas but I wanted to get some input on what type and how many of each. I've read up on the Mbunas and I think my tank setup will be suitable for them. thank you in advance for the...
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    Funny Finally cycled my daughter's 29 gallon tank!

    After 4 months of trial and error and many fish deaths... I finally managed to cycle my daughter's tank! You can imagine our excitement tonight when we tested it. I think she was more excited than I was. Now, to do a water change and figure out what other fish to add. Yay!
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    Question Using Purigen during cycling

    Would using purigen in the canister filter hinder the cycling process? I understand that using products such as zeolite is not a good idea, but I was wondering if Purigen was also a bad idea.
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    Question 75 gallon Cichlid Tank help

    Ok, I'm going to be setting up a 75 gallon cichlid tank. I have everything ready just need to clean, rinse and set up everything. I wanted to know what everyones thought is on this. Should I add the full stock of cichlids in the tank or start with maybe 7? Of course, using TSS to begin with. I'm...
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    Feedback on which bacteria bottle to use.

    I'm going to be setting up a 75 gallon tank for cichlids. I will be using a Fluval FX6 canister filter, Aqueon adjustable 300w heater and a tetra 100g air pump. Now reading some through the Nitrogen Cycle instructions, I had some questions on which bottle of bacteria would be good. I know it mentions...
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    New to fish keeping and excited

    Hi Everyone, I'm Jose. Little bit about me, I went through a painful divorce about 4 years ago and it has just been my daughter and I ever since. I struggled with depression and stress from the divorce for quite some time after it. I've been in law enforcement now for 14 years. I've recently...

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