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  1. EmmGood

    Hello to all of you! :)

    Hello hello. :- ) There's a ton of valuable info and helpful hobbists/breeders around here that I've benefited from, as well. You're in the right area if you want to expand your know how. Happy reading.
  2. EmmGood

    Question Not Even the Fish Store Knew

    You're welcome. :- ) They're pretty uncommon from what I understand, as it grows hopefully the store has the means to take care of it until a new home. (if its a female it'll be smaller, I've read around 7", still a size to be mindful of).
  3. EmmGood

    Question Not Even the Fish Store Knew

    I got something recently that looks somewhat similar, mine was showing a little more black so she was probably older. Looks like a black diamond cichlid juvenile. Here's a link to the website I got a picture from. It's hard to tell when fish are this young, especially when they're juveniles. If...
  4. EmmGood

    Hi Everyone! Im a newbie in need of some help.

    I'm a newbie as well, from the disasters I've come across with my mysteries it was often because of an ammonia spike. It looks like it has a swollen foot (the way its all crinkled), and I remember the white film that came with it. Does it move around alot, look half closed alot? If its a new...
  5. EmmGood

    What snails do you suggest for my new tank

    Zebra nerite, they're algae obsessed and will eat harder ones like green spot. They will leg the odd white egg however they can't hatch in freshwater, so you could just pop it off. And a mystery snail to get at leftover food and fish waste, they'll go for algae though not nearly as efficiently...
  6. EmmGood

    Got a free baby shrimp with duckweed

    Grats on the hitchhiker, I got some nice ramshorn snails that way myself. :D
  7. EmmGood


    #81 ...First time trying this sort of thing, this is a really cool idea. :-D Makes me want to try something similar.
  8. EmmGood

    Water Changer Question.

    I used to do exactly what you do, using a 2 gallon foldable bucket. I then upgraded to a 5 gallon bucket. When I refill, I put a pump into my 5 gallon and run back and forth refilling it with my 2 gallon bucket as it pumps water back into my tanks. (I have 36 gallon, 30 gallon, etc.). It'd be a marathon to keep up...
  9. EmmGood

    What glue can I use in my fish tank that's safe?

    I've just been using superglue, otherwise I have clear aquarium silicon sealant for light DIY projects, like sealing a divider in a 10 gallon tank to keep guppy fry batches apart.
  10. EmmGood

    Important Help! fish injured!

    My first thought is to quarantine it, make it cozy. Have clean water / change water routinely with care, put in an airstone and heater. Treat it like a bedridden best friend or relative; in the short-term they're bedbound however in the longterm they're better for it. Sorry that happened...
  11. EmmGood

    What made you get into the fishy world?

    I've been attending intensive DBT at the hospital this past year or so. In their lobby, they have a large tank with six blood parrot cichlids. Every week I would see those derpy faces and it'd cheer me up, they became a highlight. Some days I'd be feeling disconnected from the session, and...
  12. EmmGood

    Snails - the more the merrier???

    The snail I'm not a huge fan of so far, are mini ramshorns. When I saw them I thought they were little babies.. nope, they were full grown unsightly specks that'd stick their shells against the glass. I don't mind pond snails though, I have snails and shrimp together and they get along find...
  13. EmmGood

    Help Plump female yellow guppy suddenly ill

    Thanks, I'll definitely keep that in mind in the future -- I had assumed the cycling would've continued from where it left since I had been using filtered stuff from other tanks. This, combined with the little volume of water changes I've been doing, is all adding up to what might've happened. I...
  14. EmmGood

    What you do for work

    Thank you for all that hard work you do. :" | I worked for several years between fastfood places (McDonalds, Subway, etc.), its thankless. I have mad respect for folks' that work in customer service / housekeeping / labour / people that prevent stuff from being a shithole.
  15. EmmGood

    Deodorant or no deodorant?

    I don't think my two cents carries much weight given I know zero anything about chemicals :B so, my normy consumer brain says you'd have to dunk a thing of deodorant into the tank and leave it there for any amount of negative impact, since there's alot of water in a 75 gallon and you're not really in...
  16. EmmGood

    Poll: Where are you based?

    Beautiful British Columbia.... the Best Place On Earth. (No joke, its this provinces' official slogan haha.) Potentially future Canadian expat in California in a year or two. Possibly. In the meantime I doodle and stare at guppies and snails.
  17. EmmGood

    What you do for work

    Animator; got back into the role after four years of being a digital compositor. Feels like getting on a really rusty bicycle, though I'm glad of the change. (well, distant future me will be. Current me is screaming inside.)
  18. EmmGood

    Help Plump female yellow guppy suddenly ill

    I really like that phrase, haven't heard before. I'll keep it closer to the heart, thank you for sharing. :- ) And yeah, I think a big culprit is being on top of doing more volume when I do the water changes, I've been treating them too much like top offs I think. With my guppy fry tank, I do...
  19. EmmGood

    Help Plump female yellow guppy suddenly ill

    Yeah, hands down. I recently just got an app that keeps track of your parameters, has a convenient graph, up until now I've been writing things in a notepad just here and there. Hopefully I can narrow things down.
  20. EmmGood

    Corydora Breeding

    I have three false julii cories, two are skinny and one is plumpy. From what I've read around, the females are the plump ones. I was thinking of trying to get my cories to spawn, too! :- )

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