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    Flowerhorn Disease?

    My flowerhorn has a hole in the head disease and I've been treating it with Api general cure but the condition is still getting worse. Now he's right side up? Any help would be appreciated Don't wanna say good bye ti him.
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    Drilled Acrylicn Aquarium?

    I'm thinking of buying this acrylic tank which I never had. The owner said there are 3 drilled holes at the bottom of the tank but it's blocked. Is this tank safe to function? It's a 125 gallon. Any advice would help thanks!!
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    Aquarium Algae Outbreak?

    My tank has been exposed to algae for the last few months. At first the color of the algae was yellowish ( I clean it every week and it just come back like theyre my best friend or something ) now it turned to dark red which is much harder to scrape off. I tried algae fix but the condition...
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    125 Gallon Aquarium Filtration?

    I have 1 304B sunsun canister( 525 gph ) and 1 303B ( 370 gph ). I only have 2 fish in the tank; a 7 in silver arowana and a 9 in flowerhorn. I wonder if the filtration is good enough or should I get one more filter? TIA!!
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    Tank's Seal Rotten Fast?

    Hi guys, so I bought a used 125 gallon tank and then I resealed it using Silicine I (100% silicone) 3 months ago. Now the all the seal are decaying quick. Should I reseal the entire tank again? Heres a pic of it.
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    Flowerhorn With Big Belly? Illness?

    18745276_1471296526254839_379749800_o by khangdinh posted May 25, 2017 at 3:38 PMI got a red magma flowerhorn for about a week. He has a very big beer belly and even if I feed him less, it's still there. I wonder if that's a sign of sickness or it's just normal and maybe go away as time pass by...
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    9 Inches Srd Flowerhorn

    Hello guys. I just recently got a 9 inches flowerhorn and it's been 4 days already and he doesn't eat much. Is that normal? I heard that fish will eat less when they reach adulthood but not so sure about my fh tho.
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    Royal Pleco And Flowerhorn?

    I'm planning to get a royal pleco ( about 7 inches ). Would it be okay to put him in with my flowerhorn? My flowerhorn is very chill, he just ignored the other pleco that is currently in the same tank with him. Please help my poor soul out! I LOVE ROYAL PLECO!!
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    Driftwood In A Flowerhorn Tank?

    I had a 5 inches long driftwood ( small ) in a 75 gallon tank with my flowerhorn? I'm just wondering if that would be harmful to my flowerhorn in the long run. Any thoughts?
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    Baby Cichlids In 40 Gallon Breeder?

    Hey guys I'm planning to get around 6 baby african cichlids in a 40 gallon breeder tank ( 36x18x17). Is this amount good enough? I've never keep cichlids before so I dont really know. The tank is cycled already and I got 2 coral rocks in it. Any advises would be extremely helpful for a newbie...
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    Ranchu ( Goldfish ) ?

    I'm thinking to start a 40 gallons breeder with 2 baby ranchu. I wonder if the air pump is required for goldfish? Keep in mind that I never had a gold fish before so I'm new to this field. Is there anything else that I should be concern about gold fish? Any advises would be extremely helpful to...
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    Canister Filter Making Loud Noise

    I bought a used jebo 828 off offerup. It makes a very loud noise and I wonder if theres anything I can do to reduce the noise please help. Im guessing that because I added a lot of biorings in 5 different tray ( without the bag, just the biorings itself ) thats why its making the loud noise?
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    Lighting For Cichlids?

    I'm thinking of starting a cichlids tank for the first time so I have lot of questions to ask.How many lumens is considered to be good for cichlids? What's the different betweetn 6500k and 10000k? Where can I get the rocks for the cichlids? Can I keep pleco with cichlids? How to bring out their...
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    Jebo Aquarium?

    Hi I thinking of buying a used Jebo aquarium and I wondered why the price is too high for these tank? Is there any specific reasons for why the price is too high comparing to other brand name aquarium manufacturer like aqueon?
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    Canister Filter On/off During A Water Change?

    Should I turn off my canister filter when do partial water change lets say like 30%? Just got my first canister filter so I don't have any experienced with it.
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    Baby Flowerhorn.

    Brought this lil guy home today. Still not sure of his/her gender but I think its a male. Any suggestion? Like food,dec, tank mates, etc. I'm new to this field so any advice would totally enlighten me. Thank you!!
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    Aquaclear 70?

    Is aquaclear 70 good enough for a 55 gallon tank?
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    Can this aquarium stand hold a 55 gal tank?

    I know it can holds an aquarium because it was designed to do so but Im just a little worry because the stand look "weak" to me. Any thoughts?
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    Betta in 55 gallon tank?

    I thinking of buying a 55 gallon tank and move my betta into it (he's currently in a 10 gallon community tank right now). Would my betta be happy in a 55 gallon tank? Since the filter is bigger (bout 300 gph and up) for this big tank. I'm afraid that the filter will stresses him out Any thoughts?

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