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    Thoughts On Fluval 406 Canister?

    Adding a 2nd canister filter to my 75 g, currently running cascade 1000 thinking of adding a fluval 406. Thoughts?
  2. J

    Bully Cobalt Blue

    So i have a bully cobalt blue cichlid that really picks on my other two (1 m 1 f) they did breed once but the babies were gobbled up immediately unfortunately (irrelevant) anyways, should i get rid of the female? She was supposed to be a male and then she wasnt. the bully is significantly the...
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    African Cichlid Food Recommendations?

    Ive been using NLS for awhile now, but everytime i feed them the food turns my water cloudy for a little while, i feed them every other day and feed them the same amount each time using a medicine dosage cup, they eat it all. And i feel like thier colors are notquite as good as the could be. Ive...
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    Still Fighting Brown Algae

    Good afternoon, Ive been fighting brown algae since i upgraded to my 75 gallon african cichlid tank about 2 years agio. Ive deep cleaned multiple times, today i soaked the decor in bleach solution and scrubbed it clean and soaked in water conditioner solution and treated my tank before adding it back...
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    Diatoms?? Please Help

    My 75 gallon african cichlid tank has been set up and cycled about 10 months to a year, but i cant shake this brown algae mess.. ive tried everytbing, more light, less light, phosguard, cleaned everything and it comes right back.. i am on a well with a water softener, but in 6-7 years in fish keeping...
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    Thoughts On Purigen?

    right now i have mechanical filtration>filter-floss and carbon> Biological filtration. Im thinking about removing the carbon and replacing it with purigen, and switching it to mechanical>Bio>floss and purigen. Thoughts? Anyone use this stuff instead of carbon?
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    Rock Fell On Fish From Digging

    A rock fell on my chewere, i found him under there, now he isnt swimming very well and lays on the sand. Is there any chance he will heal, or anyway i could help him? Or would it be better to put him out of his misery..? Thank you
  8. J

    Adding Mechanical Filtration To My Canister

    i have a cascade 1000 with 3 trays 1st with coarse pads+filterfloss 2nd with carbon plus cermic ring media, 3rd with ceramic rings. I want to add some poly fil under the carbon in my 2nd tray,if i put all of the ceramic rings(fluval) into the top tray will it affect my BB any? (Just transfer...
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    Another Filter?

    I want to add more filtration to my 75 gallon, to minimize maintenance and maximize my bioload. I currently have a cascade 1000 in my tank i was thinking about purchasing another one..and adding it. Thoughts?
  10. J

    Could I See Pics Of 3d Backgrounds?

    Could i see pics of 3Dbackgrouds please? I really like the way they look, im jw where the heater and other various items held by suction cups go after you install it
  11. J

    3d Background

    id like to remodel my cichlid tank eventually, i really like the looks of the 3d backgrounds from universal rocks, and i like the idea of not having to use silicone. Thoughts on these?
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    Added 9 Cichlids To Tank, Test Results.

    I added 9 african cichlids to my 75 g tank, before i added them my parameters were: Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 nitrate 20 Ph 8.4 12 hrs After adding them Ammonia 0.25-0.5 (color kinda misleading) Nitrite 0 Nitrate 20 Ph 8.4 My 75 gallon has been running for about 4 months and cycled (using...
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    Stocking Opinions On 75 Gallon African Tank

    1 Male and 2 Female Red Top Hongi 1 Male and 2 Female Chailosi 1 Male and 2 Female Marmalade Fuellborni 1 Male and 2 Female Cobalt Blue Zebra 1 Male and 2 Female Chewere Elongatus I sent this list to my LFS and it’s considered a “special order” to them whatever that means, so I’ve decided...
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    Set Up A 75 Gallon For African Cichlids

    please excuse the cloudiness, I just did a big water change and gravel vac. Had some chlorine issues that I finally got under control. Just ordered 15 African cichlids will post pics when they get in the tank. And my 5 year old 4 line who seems to be the most hardy fish I’ve owned lol
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    Help Please

    Hi, I recently upgraded my 45 gallon tank to a 75 gallon tank, for my African cichlids (4 years old), I made sure the tank was cycled, And moved the fish. They did fine for a few weeks then started acting funny so I tested the water with my api master test kit and everything tested as it...

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