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  1. Ulu

    Monos And Mollies And Guppies, Oh My . . .

    I have been running a brackish water tank 8 months now, since I bought Motumbo, a West African Mooneyfish, or Mono sebae. He was soon joined by 5 more, four Dalmatian Mollies and several Guppies, and I had increased their salt water density up to 1.010 in a rather short time. These were all...
  2. Ulu

    Garnet Yam Vines To Absorb Nitrate

    There was a thread here last year about sweet potatoes, but it's locked now for some reason. Maybe this isn't the right forum? Anyhow I intended to try this for some while. I've been growing Pothos and Marble Queen Pothos to reduce nitrates in all my fresh water tanks, including a tank I set up...
  3. Ulu

    Do Rcs Adapt To Brackish Water?

    Do these shrimp adapt to brackish water?
  4. Ulu

    Re-cycling In A Brackish Conversion?

    I have recently added Instant Ocean, to convert a well-aged 30 tall freshwater tank to brackish. Density is about 1.010 and I intend to maintain it there. This is running a small sump with floss, plastic media trickle filter, heaters, lava, and a 265 gph pushing a 36" head. The return goes...
  5. Ulu

    Mercury And Heavy Metals

    I recently was given a nice 30 gallon tank full of mbuna and catfish, which I transferred out to a larger tank. I cleaned up the 30 and refilled it with a nicely cycled Sponge Filter and a few decorations from a cycled tank. 50% of the water came from my big oscar tank, and the rest was just...
  6. Ulu

    Mixed Cichlid Setup

    I recently rescued a tank donated to me by a lady who was moving away. It was a 30 gallon standard with an Aqueon 75 HOB on the top, and crowded with gravel and lots of decorations and plants. It was stocked with eleven fish, and I have never owned any of them in my 63 years except the...
  7. Ulu

    Little Ruby Is In Qt.

    This female betta has an advanced case of swim bladder disease, and I was just recently able to catch her for QT. She has had this condition for 2 mos, while living in a betta sorority, and I have not been feeding her, nor have I seen her at all, much less see her eat. I think she has been...
  8. Ulu

    Serpae Not Responding To Treatment.

    These guys have been in quarantine a long time. I don't know what is up with them. They started coming down sick over 4 months ago. No matter what I try, this stuff keeps hanging on. Strangely, only the serpae tetras got it, and none of the other fish in the tank were affected. These fish...
  9. Ulu

    Bdbs For Corydoras? (long...)

    Who does this? I'm not liking it at all. This stuff is made by fracturing slag from the inside of a furnace. It is like a coat of glass that has been fused to the steel, and then they break it off. If you actually run it through a sandblaster it might get fairly round, but when you buy it in...
  10. Ulu

    Best Site To Id Corys?

    Coradee What is the best resource for identifying corydoras? I find every one I buy to be mislabeled at our LFS's. Is it that difficult? It's like they don't even try..
  11. Ulu

    Mystery Snail Mystery Death

    A few days back I noticed some small nuisance snails in my newly refurbished 30 tall. All the fish have seemed very healthy since I quick cycled this tank and its sump system with well-aged media, a few weeks ago. Water parameters have been looking great from day one. I figured this tank was...
  12. Ulu

    Age Of An Oscar

    How long would it take to grow an Oscar from birth to 2.5" ? My oscar was that size when I got him but I have no idea how old he was. I have had him for 4 months and he has grown to 9" already, and is a very stocky fish. This photo was taken about 2 weeks ago.
  13. Ulu

    Optimum Bb Cycle Temperature?

    I'm reading a lot of posts about people who are doing fishless cycles and they only run their temperature at 78 or 80°F. To me this makes no sense at all. If you are doing a fishless cycle or you have Hardy fish that can take it, I crank the temperature up to 86 during the cycle. IME, the...
  14. Ulu

    Dwarf Gourami Iridovirus

    I have two questions. . . First, I quit keeping dwarf gouramis myself about 40 years ago because I could never manage to keep them alive. One might die within the first weeks and the next one might live for 6+ months, but they always bloated up. I had never heard of dgiv before now, but did...
  15. Ulu

    Malachite Green With Antibiotics

    Is this okay or should they never be used together? What about salt with antibiotics?
  16. Ulu

    Raising Felix The Oscar

    Felix the Oscar is my first Oscar ever, in 45 years of fish keeping. I guess it's one of those dream fish like keeping fancy discus or an Arowana. Very few people have the time patience money space Etc, plus want to be dedicated fish keepers. This is not my first big fish. I have raised large...
  17. Ulu

    "but My Tank Was Cycled!"

    ". . .and when I put fish in everything went to pieces" How many times have we seen the same scenario? New fishkeepers need to understand that the nitrogen cycle is a moving target. When you cycle a tank it only Cycles for the bioload available. It will only grow as much beneficial bacteria...
  18. Ulu

    Water Conditioner Disaster Story

    This was not a good day for me, because I screwed up two things in a row and it played **** on my blood pressure. First off I've been using Weco water conditioner. Their products have been on the market forever and many places carry them. But there's a small problem. I was changing my...
  19. Ulu

    Big Diy In-tank Canister.

    I have some very messy fish and they have been outpacing the capacity of my experimental in-tank-filteted reverse-flow undergravel filter, and my auxiliary in-tank canister filters. I do not have a good way to put a sump on this system easily in its present location. I needed to quickly put a...
  20. Ulu

    Diy Plastic Sump

    This is a schematic diagram of the 7.5 gal sump I made for my 30 gal tall tank. It is not to scale, nor proportion. The tank is only shown at about 3 gallons LOL. This doesn't show construction details or exact size or shape of anything. I will try to post some good photos of the actual system...

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