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  1. RancidLatte

    White Molly Eye Slightly Bulging Out.

    My white molly that I have had for 2 years contracted fungus from one of my other fish two weeks ago. I treated the tank and the fungus went away and all of my fish were better. My white molly had a small amount on her left front fin and it was never really a problem. Now it's a tad bit bigger...
  2. RancidLatte

    10 Month Old Molly Fry With Possible Fungus

    My 2 year old white molly and black molly gave birth to a massive batch of fry almost a year ago. I kept the two biggest fry in the tank with the parents and they have grown up to be almost full size. Recently, I noticed that the two "juvenile" mollies, if you will, were acting odd. They...
  3. RancidLatte

    Brother Just Won Goldfish. Help

    My younger brother and I were at a local carnival and I let him play some of the games while I went on a ride. When we met back up, he had a bag of water in his hands and I knew that he had just won a feeder goldfish. I currently do not have the money to afford even a betta tank setup since I...
  4. RancidLatte

    Rainbow, Redtail, Bala Sharks In 20 Gallon Long Aquarium

    Would a Redtail Shark, bala shark, or rainbow shark be able to START in a 20 gallon long style fish tank for a year or so.
  5. RancidLatte

    Black Moor In A 10 Gallon Aquarium

    I have been keeping fish for about a year and a half now. I think that I have officially become addicted to getting new tanks and stocking them so when I bought my third 10 gallon at a garage sale today, I wanted to begin setting it up. I have already began cycling the tank and in a few days I...

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