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    Silicone Help

    Hello, I have a Marineland 45 that is about 1 year old. It doesn't leak and I have had no issues with it. I noticed the last time I changed the water that in the upper corner just under the top rim there is hardly any silicone between the two pieces of glass. There is some silicone between...
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    Pale Bristlenose

    Hello, I have two young lemon bristlenose plecos in a 45 gallon tank. I had 8 shipped to me and they must have been stressed pretty badly during shipping. They came down with ich and 6 out of 8 died within 2 weeks. I tried heat treatment and later treated with Paraguard. The two that...
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    Young Bristlenose with Ich

    I just received some young (1.25 inch) Bristlenose. They looked great when I put them in my tank. Three days later I noticed the white spots. I started slowly started raising the temp to 86 degrees. They have been at 86 for a day and the spots are spreading slightly. When doing heat...
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    Which tank for breeding clown plecos

    Hello, I currently have a 60 gallon community tank with 5 angelfish, cory cats and 3 clown plecos. I also have a 45 gallon and a 29 gallon with baby angelfish in them, each has a clown pleco. I am shortly going to be receiving some juvenile bristlenose that I am going to grow out in either the...
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    Breeding Longfin Bristlenose

    Hello, I am interested in breeding longfin bristlenose. Is it better to buy a breeding pair or take your chances with 4 or 5 young fish? If I would like to get mostly longfins should I buy only longfins? I know this seems straight forward but on Angelsplus the are selling (currently out of...
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    Baby angelfish with curved dorsal fins

    Hello, I have my first batch of baby angelfish. They are 2 months old and are doing great. The larger ones are bigger than a quarter and the smaller ones are still dime size. Out of about 140 I have had to cull about 15 because they had fin issues. From what I have read that seems like an...
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    Is This Fish A Good Breeder?

    Hello, I have 7 angelfish that are about 10 months old and I was hoping to get a breeding pair. One blue marble has paired up with a blue zebra. The blue marble is in my opinion the best looking fish out of the bunch and the blue zebra is large and healthy. My concern is that the zebra has...
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    Stubborn Ick Or Something Else

    Hello, I purchased 3 silver hatchetfish 2 months ago. I added them to my group of seven and as soon as I put them in the tank I noticed that the ones that I added had tiny white spots. I was pretty sure it was ick so I raised the temperature up to 84 - 86 and did frequent water changes for...
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    Liveaquaria Angelfish

    Has anyone bought freshwater angelfish from ? How was the quality of the fish? Were you happy with the colors? Thank you, Josh
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    Angelfish Or Rainbowfish?

    I have a 60 gallon tank and I am trying do decide if I should get some angelfish or rainbowfish. I have 8 silver hatchetfish, 3 honey gouramis, 5 platies, 5 bronze cory cats, a mystery pleco that seems to have stopped growing at 7 inches and a clown pleco. My tank looks pretty empty due to the...

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