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  1. Betta Gremlin

    Preparing A Betta Tank

    I'm getting ready for a new betta!!! I have a 5 gallon with an LED white and blue light. What I'm planning to get: Live plants (java fern/Malaysian red java fern, moneywort) Substrate (pool filter sand) Heater (any cheap but good suggestion from stores?) I'm going to be getting a koi plakat...
  2. Betta Gremlin

    Possible Molly Rescue?

    So, my friend has some mollies. They had babies, and she refuses to give them to the pet store even though her tank is very overstocked- it's only a 10 gallon. I believe that she has six of them, including the 'fry'. At this point, they're bigger. But, she offered for me to take them. Downside...
  3. Betta Gremlin

    Stocking For Future Tank

    Alright, so I don't have this tank yet, but it's one of my dream tanks that I will be able to get after I move. It will be a 20 gallon. Fish that absolutely will be going in are albino cory catfish. I have four right now in my 10 gallon- my mom had bought them for a 2.5 gallon without me...
  4. Betta Gremlin

    Has Anyone Ever Ordered From The Shrimp Farm?

    Could anyone that has ordered shrimp from there (specifically both normal rcs and grade AA rcs, but all shrimp experiences are fine by me!) tell me how the shipping has gone, and how the shrimp looked after they arrived? I've already read a ton of the reviews, I just want to make sure that the...
  5. Betta Gremlin

    10 Gallon

    Hello! So, I managed to win a free 10 gallon. I'm wondering what else I could add. What I have currently: ×6 harlequin rasboras (planning on getting more) ×6 shrimp *Please ignore the cories, they're very temporary, a rescue from a 2.5, and they will be going to my friend very soon* Filter: 20...
  6. Betta Gremlin

    Grem's Planted 2.5

    I've just decided, why not make a blog on this? This is about my planted 2.5, which currently has four shrimp. ×1 (low grade) rcs ×2 yellow shrimp ×1 jade green shrimp I have frogbit, moneywart (I think), java moss, and one stem plant (can't recall the name)
  7. Betta Gremlin

    In A Jar

    Hey! I'm making a little planted jar for my nana. Any suggestions on plants to add? Keep in mind that I'm pretty limited on plants, my PetSmart doesn't have much- maybe I can get my papa to drive me to a better store. Also, would it be a good idea to add something like sea monkeys? Not right...
  8. Betta Gremlin

    Shopping Online

    If this is in the wrong spot, I'm sorry- I didn't really know where to place this. What are some reliable websites when it comes to buying plants? In a few months I'll be moving, and I'm not too sure how the stores will be around there. So, this is just in case (and in general, I might just want...
  9. Betta Gremlin

    Flame Moss Questions

    Alright, so, a have a few questions about flame moss! I have a 2.5 gallon which I really want to add some plants to. So, once I get a small light for it, I wanted to add flame moss. My questions are- Will it attach to fake wood? And, can I tie it down with fishing line? What lighting does it...
  10. Betta Gremlin

    Gremlin's 10 Gallon.

    Hello! I'm not actually new here, I just cannot remember my old username nor the password (I recently lost my phone) So! This is obviously about my 10 gallon. The tank is going through some stock editing. Right now I have- ×1 male betta (extremely docile to other fish and snails) ×6 harlequin...

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