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    60 Gallon Tank Pterophyllum Leopoldi Tank

    I'm looking at getting some leopoldi angels for my 60 gallon tank. The tank is 38" by 20" by 20" The tank already has two 12 cm yoyo loaches (these are 3 years old and fully grown) and 8 black phantom tetras. I want to add 6 or 8 Leopoldi angels to the tank (preferably 8) but wasn't too sure if...
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    Question 60g Discus Tank

    I have a 260 Litre (60g) tank with 9 Black phantom tetras (was 10), two large 5.5 inch Yoyo Loaches and one adult male veiltail angelfish. I have just purchased a Cinta Malaysian white/gold Albino Discus and plan to buy at least 3 more. Giving me a group of 4. My question was could I have 6...
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    Sailfin Tang In 60g

    I have a 60g 3ft by 22" by 20" tank that currently only has one Extreme snowflake clown, 1 bangaii cardinal, 1 coral cardinal, a black bar chromis and a lawnmower blenny. We have a 2" sailfin tang at work (i work at my lfs) and I really wanna get one for my tank. How long would a sailfin last...
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    Coral Identification Please

    I haven't read all of this thread so sorry if I repeated something. But looks like a heliofuniga to me. Looks like its got that calcium skeleton base with the large polyps that resemble a smaller fungia but just bigger.
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    What’s Your Favourite Betta Type And Colour?

    Are we talking just the Domestic Splendens or every type there is?? If we are just talking about the Splendens variety my favourite would probably be either HMDTPK or HMCTPK. In the HMDTPK I like the Orange Nemo Koi variety. But if we're talking about all betta species I probably couldn't chose...
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    Whats Your Favorite Apsito Strain W/ Pic

    I don't have any photos because I've never kept them but Wild Type Peru apistos are my fave. I cant remember the name of the type but they are a variety of Wild Yellow A. Cacatuoides. But a more readily available would be either the Red Neck Veija Macmasteri or the Orange Flash Cacatuoides
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    Good Clownfish Diet?

    Clownfish aren't picky eaters but if you want them to have a good healthy diet you can use some of the methods I use and have listed below to help you out. I feed my clowns a mix of a) Mineral Enriched brineshrimp b) Rotifers and copepods c) NLS Community Pellets d) Vitalis Platinum Marine...
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    Is It Normal For A Fish To Mourn After A Death Of Another?

    Don't let this thread turn into an argument. People have different opinions and that is OK. If your opinion clashes with another person move on, try not to deviate from the OP's question.
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    Water Change - How To Pour New Water?

    I use some sort of container or my hand to lessen the flow. Some people pour the water slowly onto paper towels or into a breeder net.
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    First Dip Into Saltwater

    Also you could read the thread that I have linked in my signature for some more help.
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    First Dip Into Saltwater

    Firstly I wanna put it out there that the initial setup of a saltwater system is quite a lot of work. But to your question. My first saltwater tank was an old 45cm cube tank (100L/25 gallon) that was freshwater for about 4 years on and off before I converted it into a saltwater system. Going from Freshwater...
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    Is It Normal For A Fish To Mourn After A Death Of Another?

    Hard to say. It's possible his is mourning but I doubt it. If possible test your water for No2, No3, Nh4 and pH and get back to us.
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    Is It Normal For A Fish To Mourn After A Death Of Another?

    They are an all rounder fish. Spending some of their time grazing on the tank floor and wood etc for algae and food and other times they can be found mid water or near the surface. In my experience they spend more time around the mid. Maybe 60% mid 20% top and 20% bottom
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    Is It Normal For A Fish To Mourn After A Death Of Another?

    My clownfish have also "mourned" the death of the partner. A 3 year old pair and the male died due to aggression issues in the tank and the female was showing the same symptoms as my ram did but she thankfully recovered with time. Also welcome to the forum Gregory O...
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    Is It Normal For A Fish To Mourn After A Death Of Another?

    I doubt he is mourning. Male Molly fish are very aggressive towards each other and don't really care about other males. But to answer your question, yes fish do mourn! I use to have a 50 gallon tank with 4 pairs of german blue rams that I colony bred for the lifetime of the fish (2 years) and when my...
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    Help Asap! Need To Do Water Change During Treatment Of Api Fungus Cure

    Also welcome to the Fishlore Forum!! :;banana1:;bananaguitar:;bananahey:;bananahi
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    Help Asap! Need To Do Water Change During Treatment Of Api Fungus Cure

    Personally what I would do is a 50% water change to the tank, particularly if the parameters are off any ammonia is up. But if you remove 50% of the water you are also going to be removing 50% of the medication that is dissolved into the water. So I would then add back in a 50% dosage into the...
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    Starting A 30gal Saltwater Tank With 0 Experience.

    If I remember correctly I think the rules say they we (members) are not meant to advertise Competitor Forums. I may be wrong but just a heads up to save you in future.
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    Using Bio-spira Questions...

    I was in the exact same situation as you when I started my first Saltwater tank 2 years ago. I used dry rock and cycled by putting 1 whole cube of bloodworms in the tank (1 per 100L/25 gallon) and I let it fester and rot down the bottom. This will give your cycle a really healthy kick to get it going. I had...
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    Clownfish Acting Sick

    I'm gonna jump on and follow this thread. If it's not what stella1979 mentioned it could be that they are a new pair and sometimes when you have a new pair the smaller one (male) will swim in a weaker or lesser manner as he is being submissive to the female to let her know that she is the boss.

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