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  1. azazelsfyre

    Hello Again!

    Hello everyone! It's been a very long time, I know. Well, since then I have said goodbye to me lovely bettas, they died in good health, just old age I guess. I took good care of them, and I'd like to think they were happy My red wags had two..."litters"? "clutches"? Anyway I've got a few baby...
  2. azazelsfyre

    WANTED:Plants in the Philly Area!

    So I'm looking for more plants to throw in my tank! Freebies would be awesome from Fishlorians in the Philly area, but whatever I can get works too! Any offers?
  3. azazelsfyre


    Hey, haven't been on in awhile I know But hey, with this hurricane heading up the east coast, with the potential to knock some stuff around, can we go over emergency planning for our little fishy friends?
  4. azazelsfyre

    Oh! The algae!

    Ok, so suddenly for the past 3 months I've been dealing with algae, and after thinking I finally had it beat, it came back. Well, it's the green stringy algae, like the kind in my bf's koi pond, so I know it's not harmful. It just wont grow in an attractive way. If it did, I wouldn't have a...
  5. azazelsfyre

    Homemade tank backgrounds

    I'm a graphic designer in college, and while redoing my tank today I decided to break out the gauche and make so kickin' tank backgrounds. I'll put up pix when they're done (probably tomorrow since I work tonight). Hand-painted, beautifully done, and I have experience in many different materials...
  6. azazelsfyre


    I leave for one night in our new home, thinking oh, they'll be fine, because I just fed them and I won't be gone long. Well lo and behold Wasabi did a number on his fins again. I'm not happy about this, but I'm used to it by now. Poor dude needs a xanex.
  7. azazelsfyre

    Funny Weird bubblenest stuff

    So, my boys have been nesting heavily. VERY heavily. And so Fish has covered half his side of the tank, and when he was in his bowl (short amount of time - only a few days) he COVERED the surface. And Ginger has not one but TWO separate nests that pile up out of the water about an inch...
  8. azazelsfyre

    Hello again!

    So, I updated everyone one my betta boys, but I didn't say anything about me! Since I last spoke, school let out for the summer on May 3 and I finished up the semester with a 4.0, and my final grade for my freshman year of college? 3.9 I've moved in with my roommate, so now I live in...
  9. azazelsfyre

    How much do you feed?

    Normally I only feed my boys 2-3 pellets every morning, maybe a half a FD bloodworm after that. I went away on vacation (skiing in the poconos <3) and left them in the care of my bf's mother, who raises koi. I told her how much I fed her, and she fed them more (she told me this when I go back)...
  10. azazelsfyre

    Green Algae?

    Just realized I posted this in the wrong spot (possibly) but I gotta run to class and wanted to shoot this off. The plants in my tank are growing at a crazy rate, fish are fine, haven't tested yet, will do when I get home tonight, dosed w prime just in case. Started w little brown circles...
  11. azazelsfyre

    Beauty Tips!! (men And Women!)

    So I held a spa night for my friends, and omigosh I feel amazing (and so do they) We focused on our hands and faces, though I used the scrub we made in the shower the next day. Did some wonders for my feets. Started by opening our pores w/ hot washrags, then used a pore-cleansing mask. Works...
  12. azazelsfyre

    Betta Fins - Another Update

    Wasabi is doing so much better. His fins are growing back to the way they were (unless they stop growing now XD) and he's back to his hyper-swimming-in-lazy-loops self. He's started weaving in and out of the leaves in his little plastic jungle, which I find adorable. The fish completely ignore...
  13. azazelsfyre


    Ok fishlorians, here's a new one for ya. There is pad thai coconut ginger noodles in my 14g. I live in a dorm, the fishtank was on my desk, my microwave on a shelf above it. I decided to make noodles for dinner when, for whatever reason, the box exploded in my microwave, getting broth...
  14. azazelsfyre

    Potential school project

    My school has two ponds in it, both fed by a creek that divides that campus. For my Psychology for Sustainability class I would like to add fish to these ponds. They're fairly large, though I'm not sure how deep because it looks like there's a lot of debris to be gotten rid of. How would I go...
  15. azazelsfyre

    Fishlore Chat Idea?

    I know it's been suggested - I never found out what became of it, and I went through all the old threads, but they're all closed and whatnot, so here's my thoughts, just as someone who frequents chats. People have had concerns about trolling: I know how to handle that (trolls are easy to...
  16. azazelsfyre

    The Best News I've Ever Posted

    So, the backstory, though I'm sure all of you by now know this one by heart: two bettas, one divided 14g. First time DT male shredded his own fins. Dad broke other tank, so I had to divide the tank again, this time with an opaque tank background between, so they couldnt see each other. I went...
  17. azazelsfyre

    Ok guys, wish me luck...

    Here's the logic of a city: Don't run buses in a college town after 7. Even on the weekends. Further more, don't run them down my way on a Sunday (There are FOUR colleges in a 2mi radius, mind you). Keep running the trains, and overcharge, but ALSO make it so that I'm either an hour early or 15...
  18. azazelsfyre

    Can fish hear?

    Cuz, I just watched my DT betta, wasabi, dance to Enrique Iglesias' "Hero", and now both of them have synchronized a little jig to Coldplay's "Clocks". and Ginger went back into the castle and Wasabi's gettin down to "Like a g6". I'm impressed. EDIT: Ginger's back out.
  19. azazelsfyre

    Looks like I was wrong

    I went away last night, not even 24hrs. I came home to find, that, once again, Wasabi has begun to shred his fins. I haven't seen him do it, but they were both extremely agitated when I came in the room. I added Prime to the water, because I knew I had to, tomorrow night I'll test and see if...
  20. azazelsfyre

    Ack! Prime + test kit?

    so I just recently set up my tank again, divided 14g two bettas, and I decided to test both sides of the tank because I have it set up so theres no water flow between the two. Anyway, I dosed with Prime, and I'm running two filters (one on either side) and I have a few live plants. And my...

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