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  1. davis

    When Is The Best Time To Remove Fry From Convicts

    The first time I was so interested in watching them be great parents it was to late to remove them without dismantling the tank so 4 months was a problem. The second batch started swimming yesterday so best timing and how is my question thanks for any suggestions.
  2. davis

    New Pond on impulse What do I do next

    On impulse I had my landscaper put a small pond water feature in the back yard when adding the sprinkler system. Now I need some advice on how different a pond is from a tank. I have never been around a pond before my field drain prevented going very deep about 18 inches to about 10 inches. The...
  3. davis

    Hi I'm new to the forum this seems like a place to start

    I'm going into a life cycle where my Fish need more of my time. I have enjoyed my tanks for over 40 years and enjoy reading and learning more about them. I currently have a 55 gal tank setup and just bought a 150 Gal one to put in the living room. Guppies are my first love,But the wife says I...

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