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    Question What do breeders look for in blue gourami

    Hello to anyone who replies I have some gouramis I’m gonna be breeding and was just wondering how they compare to fish like guppies I can breed them and get all different strains and stuff but how do gouramis work what do breeders who know what there doing look for in a blue gourami i don’t know...
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    Question Snail breeding info ramshorn

    Hello anyone who sees this I was just wondering if I move my snails together in a smaller space will it help them produce more quicker I’m trying to get way more than I have now there pop has been climbing but very slowly I have four tanks each have some my main tank has been getting a good...
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    Question Help me sex my three spot gourami? Would be appreciated

    I recently got fourteen new gourami and need to figure out male from female and start breeding them and another question I have is how do I go about breeding them should I just wait and eventually I’ll see a pair form?
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    Help me identify these snails please.

    Hello whoever sees this ive had these snails that got into my aquarium awhile ago from plant i got im fine with having them i have the space to be able to handle and possibly sell them but ive just been trying to identify them and i hope someone can help me out there aren't many big ones at all...

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