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  1. The Phin

    Platy Preggers!

    He guys ( and girls ). I have a couple of platies, and recently I noticed that she looked much fatter then the male. So I moved her to the breeder net, and am awaiting to see if there will be any fry. Is there any precautions I should take?
  2. The Phin

    Rainbow Shark Growth/Tank Habits

    Hey fellas. I just bought my first Rainbow Shark today. I adjusted him well to the ph, and about 20 minutes ago let free. What are good tempertures to have the tank at, and what kind of plants and stuff would he like? Also, the Tank is 10 gallons. He is going to be in there by himself, so will...
  3. The Phin

    Hello From Nova Scotia!

    Hello everybody! I decided to join the forum today after using FishLore for research more times then you can shake a stick at. I just took out my old 10 gallon tank, and decided to hook er up. Things are going smoothly, I hope to add my first fish in about 5 days, after the filter can run for a...

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