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  1. allamericangirl

    Help HELP!!! ALL my guppies are dying and it's not ich!!!

    Can someone tell me what to do? I have 3 fry now that have died over a period of three days. When I saw that two had died, i took the others out and put them in another tank thinking that the tank needed to be cleaned and the filter changed. But now, another one is floating on the top but is...
  2. allamericangirl

    Help White stuff growing on Guppies

    I have 9 guppy fry in a separate tank from the parents and other fish. I put them in there about 2 months ago. This morning I found some white stuff growing on the fins of multiple fry. The ones that don't have it are eating the fins of the ones that do. I put some Ick medicine in the water...
  3. allamericangirl

    Help unclear water???

    My guppies had a bunch of fry about a month ago and are now big enough to be moved into a different tank. My female is about to drop again. Yesterday, I cleaned a separate tank and let it run over night. This morning, the tank was cloudy not clear. I put some special bacteria killer in the...
  4. allamericangirl

    Question Guppy fry: when can i give them away?

    Hi, i have had fish for around 11 years. My female fancy guppy gave birth to 3 sets of fry (Apr. 20, May 1, and May 9) and i have a few friends that are interested. I have never had guppy fry before and i can't find on the internet when i can give them away or put them in a new tank. Does...

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