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  1. Ravynn

    3yr old 20 gallon long.. what to do?

    Would anyone have any ideas on a single/pair of fish (nothing that will breed like crazy, I live in the middle of nowhere so won't find homes for fish) or something other than fish I could house in my 20 long? It's been setup for 3 yrs and since then i've done a 40 breeder south american...
  2. Ravynn

    Question Angel with clear poop

    I have some concern for my new Angel. I got him over 5 weeks ago and did proper quarantine procedure. As a preventative measure, I treated with PraziPro once and Levamisole twice. Since being moved to the bigger tank i've been able to notice more that a few times throughout the day he will...
  3. Ravynn

    Help Making repashy properly

    The past 2 times i've made repashy community plus it didn't set and was still wet when I tried to cut it. I usually like it to be a firm gel to cut and put in the freezer. Is it possible mine has gone bad (even though it's in a sealed bag) or am I doing something wrong? How do you guys make...
  4. Ravynn

    Help Increasing PH for guppies?

    I have naturally soft tap water with parameters consisting of a PH of 6.6, GH 3 and KH 0-1. I have play sand in my 20 gallon long which buffers the water to a PH of 7.4, GH 4.5 and KH 2.2. I've always wanted to keep guppies but i'm nervous of them not thriving because of my soft water. They would be...
  5. Ravynn

    Chunks taken out of longfin BN fins?

    Looking for some input on this random issue. This morning I noticed my longfin bristlenose had a long slit in his fin, like someone took a pair of scissors to it. No biggie, it's happened to my other one a couple times... but it seems as if the day went on more and more of his fins were looking...
  6. Ravynn

    HOB suggestions for 40B

    I was planning on getting a new filter, an AC70, for my 40 breeder but it occurred to me that I should ask you guys for suggestions first because some filters don't fit over the rim of the 40 breeder and as a result the filter isn't flush with the rim and the output is higher up making the water...
  7. Ravynn

    20 gallon long restocking ideas

    Soon i'll be moving my kuhlis out of this tank and into a larger tank which leaves some shrimp, nerite snails, a blue eyed longfin bristlenose and 1 honey gourami in the tank. It's been set up for almost 2 years. I have very soft water so no hard water fish suggestions please. Do you guys have...
  8. Ravynn

    Sex of my Bolivian Ram

    Hey guys, do you think my ram is male or female? When I got him they all kind of had the same breeding tube shape and i'd like to get him a friend but i'm not sure if i'd be able to sex them correctly. :confused:
  9. Ravynn

    Angel in 40 breeder?

    Hey guys, wondering if it's possible/a good idea to house a single koi Angel in a 40 breeder (36"x18"x17) with 8 black phantoms, a male keyhole cichlid and a longfin BN. Please let me know what you think. If not, i'd be looking for a 2nd type of schooling fish to house with black phantom tetras...
  10. Ravynn

    Is My Heater On It's Way Out?

    I can't say if this is new or not because I never thought to look at the plastic portion on the inside of my Eheim heater but I noticed when the heater is on/just turned off you can clearly see this light grey discoloration on the black plastic portion on the inside of the heater... and when...
  11. Ravynn

    What Would Look Best?

    I'm currently in the midst of doing a rescape on my 40b. I'd like your opinions on how I should place my plants/driftwood. Should I move the 2 amazon swords together in the middle and place the java ferns/anubias (getting more) to the left of the tank? Or would it look better if I placed the...
  12. Ravynn

    Tank Size?

    Hi! I've been wondering about the correct tank size for 1-2 angels. Is a 40 breeder not the correct size, which is 36" x 18" x 17"? Thanks.
  13. Ravynn

    Help Not Camallanus?

    I picked up a young long fin albino bristlenose 6 days ago and noticed when I took him home that above the vent (not near the opening) there was 2 red super thin "veins" (the average person probably wouldn't notice) going in opposite directions. Higher above the vent, with 1 going in a "C" shape...
  14. Ravynn

    Help Lost Interest In My Tank, Need Help With Restocking

    I set up my 40 breeder almost 6 months ago and had a few bumps in the road that lead me to a stocking I wasn't happy with. I just recently rehomed the cory school I had, so i'm looking for help on how I should get more into the hobby again since i've been really unmotivated and unhappy with my...
  15. Ravynn

    Help Cory With Fluffy Patch On Side

    Am I dealing with an injury with some fungus or columnaris? This just showed up today and wasn't there yesterday. I have 10 cories in an understocked 40 breeder with weekly 30% water changes and nitrates are usually at 5ppm. I've had these corys for close to 12 wks. The cory was so fast and...
  16. Ravynn

    Kordon Rid Ich Plus Dosing

    You need to re-dose this medication every 24hrs with a 25% water change before. Do you keep re-dosing for the aquarium size or just the water you're adding back?
  17. Ravynn

    Fda Removing All Fish Medications?

    I just got back from my local fish store to get ich medication and they told me they have absolutely no medication for anything because the FDA is removing all fish medications from store shelves due to people using them for other types of animals. Now I have to wait another week to get...
  18. Ravynn

    Question This Is Ich, Right?

    I've never had to deal with ich even though i've been keeping fish for years. I recently got this long fin blue eyed BN shipped to me from a reputable fish store. I didn't notice it yesterday so it must be ich, right? Would you say this is mild? I'm in the process of turning up the temperature...
  19. Ravynn

    Help Help, White Worm Inside Fish

    I just got 12 hengeli rasboras (were supposed to be espei) shipped to me last night and I put them in quarantine. 1 of them has a tiny white worm looking thing inside the clear part of the flesh. 2 other rasbora have some tiny white dots inside the clear part of the flesh. I'm really freaked...
  20. Ravynn

    Question 9hrs Being Shipped: Drip Or Plop?

    I've got some espei rasboras coming and the entire trip for them will be about 9 hrs. Should I drip acclimate them to my soft water or just do plop and drop? Let me know what you guys think!

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