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    Are they ready?

    I've had my two little swordtail fry in the breeder box for a month now. How do I know when they are ready to be added in the main tank with the rest of my fish? They are probably 3/4 of an inch to an inch long. Probably about the same size as some of my little neon tetras. I'm guessing size...
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    Love is in the water!

    So last week I came home from work and found some eggs in my 10 gallon tank (they haven't hatched). Today I came home from work and found two baby swordtails in my 55 gallon tank! I did not have a breeder box so I captured one and suspended it in my fishnet so I could drive 40 miles to the pet...
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    What Fish Layed These Eggs?!

    After having my 10 gallon tank set up for over a year, I came home from work today and discovered a little group of probably 40-50 eggs under one of the plant leaves! I have not one clue what the eggs are from, if they are fertilized or what, and I have no idea how to tell! Here's what lives...
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    Fish Food Varieties

    I started out with just flake food but added frozen blood worms due to a variety of fish in my tank.  I add in live vegetables occasionally.  This weekend my pet store was out of the blood worms I usually buy so I bought frozen brine shrimp instead.  I just got through feeding them to my fish...
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    Elephant Nose Fish

    Here is a picture of Snuffy, my elephant nose fish.
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    Fruit And Vegetables To Feed To Fish

    What types of real fruits and vegetables do you give your fish? I tried dropping in small slices of cucumbers but they seemed disinterested in those. Thanks!
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    How Much Aeration For 55 Gallon Tank?

    Hi.  I was just wondering how much aeration you all use in your tanks.  I have a 55 gallon tank and use two bubble wands, each are probably 8-9 inches long.  It seems like there are a lot of bubbles though, even though I have the pump turned down as low as it goes.  Should I get rid of one of...
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    How Much Filtration Is Enough?

    I have a 55 gallon freshwater tank with a canister filter but I was thinking of adding a second (power) filter. Is it possible to have too much filtration on a tank? It doesn't seem like it...but I'm relatively new to this hobby. Thanks for your help.

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