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  1. Spulvert

    Help Labored Breathing

    i came home and found my peppered Cory laying on it's side on the intake sponge, he is one of 11 corydoras in that tank and the rest are showing active and healthy behavior , I gave him a light poke and he swam to the bottom and is now upright on the bottom but is showing labored breathing. I...
  2. Spulvert

    Help To Water Change Or Not To Water Change

    So lets say i reversed my cycle some how AFTER i put fish in it. My ammonia is just a around .25 ppm - .50 ppm. I've been keeping up with water changes DAILY. a 25% - 30% water change every single morning and i'll test again at night and fear would cause me to do yet another water change. My...
  3. Spulvert

    40 Gallon Tank Update And A Questiom

    So this is my 40 gallon as of right now. Decided to get rid of the wood because I wasn’t feeling it, keeping it simple and low tech for now. I have it stocked with 3 Cory’s and two parkinsoni rainbows. when would I be able to add some fish and how many should I get next time I make a trip to the...
  4. Spulvert

    Rainbow I.d

    I grabbed these two rainbow fish the other day and me being a beginner I’m not too sure on the species of these, they don’t look like anything I’ve seen on the internet. Who can enlighten me?
  5. Spulvert

    How Would You Stock This?

    Fairly new to the hobby, did immense amounts of research and I’m finally in the middle of cycling my tank! I’m very excited especially with how I plan to stock but I keep changing my stocking plan every ten minutes so I was wondering how you fish peeps would stock a tank like this. It’s a 40 gal...

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