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  1. Fashooga

    125g Build

    Warning this is a long post. But it’s about my build. So about two months ago my wife walked by the 55g tank that is sitting at the hallway at our house. She looked into it and said that the seals look crummy. I told her that we could try to reseal it but she wasn’t interested in doing that...
  2. Fashooga

    Mega Millions

    I just want to let everybody know in the USA...don't buy any Mega Millions tickets...because I already have the winning ticket...sorry... Seriously though...$1.6 billion...I'm not sure what I would do with that kind of paper.
  3. Fashooga

    Fluval G3...

    Anybody have a Fluval G3? If so how is it? I'm thinking of getting one as it fits the stand I have but wanted to know other specs.
  4. Fashooga

    Day Light Savings - Changing Timers

    So anybody here just as lazy as I am and not change the timers on your lights for daylight savings? I was going to do that, but I figured...meh.
  5. Fashooga

    55 Gallon “aquascaping”

    For a while now I’ve had a 55g sitting around the house after I upgraded to a 85-90g tank early summer 2017. Initially I thought I was going to sell it but apparently there are a lot of 55g up for sale. My wife decided to let me build a new tank. Initially I thought about discus and had PM...
  6. Fashooga

    Well, Vacation Time.

    So here we to vacation in a few days for Thanksgiving. My family is going to Hong Kong (HK) to visit family and my wife's family, also bringing our 3 year old daughter and 1.75 year old son...I'm dreading the flight since it's 2 hours to San Fran (go 49ers!) from Portland (Go Blazers!)...
  7. Fashooga

    Mid Autumn Moon Festival

    So yesterday was the Mid Autumn Moon Festival where Asian families gathered and ate food and Moon cake. Last night the moon here was really bright. Yesterday my wife made these Koi jelly things for last nights dinner. Ammonia free, Nitrite and Nitrate free. Maybe some small calorie intake. I...
  8. Fashooga

    Meds And Fish Food

    So last week I lost a Blue Acara to an internal parasite. I originally placed it in a QT but it didn't improve and died. Now in my main tank my Jack Dempsey appears to have sunken belly. I watched him eat and he would eat a ton and spit it out. So rather than pull out the QT tank I decided...
  9. Fashooga

    Disinfecting Siphon Hoses

    So I have some siphons that has black muck...I've not used it but rather than trashing the hose or buying a new hose has anybody actually tried disinfecting the hoses? If so tell!
  10. Fashooga

    Finally Doing Driftwood...

    So Saturday after going to the zoo with the kids we went to the Wet Spot and I found a nice piece of drift wood. I currently have it soaking in a ten gallon tank. My wife said I should use the bath tub but I thought she wouldn't like it if I did that but boy was I wrong! Besides that would...
  11. Fashooga

    Moss Ball...

    My wife said the tank isn't complete until I get a moss ball... "Why do we need a moss ball, it does nothing." I say "Cause it's cute." Boom...I get the ball and it rolls towards the pot. Maybe the fish will play soccer or something.
  12. Fashooga


    Ugh...if I think this is what it is I think this dude has least that's what I think it is. Can somebody confirm?
  13. Fashooga

    I Am Tired...

    I'm tired, worn out and beat up. My confidence in this hobby has likely crashed past the basement levels and into the cold depths of Earth. This month has beaten me so much that I've just about had it. I tell my wife that I'm the Grime Reaper of fish. My problems started when my 55g tank had...
  14. Fashooga

    Fluval Fx4 Microbubbles.

    So I installed my FX4 to my tank and now I'm having a mircobubble spitting out of one spout. Has anybody encountered this before?
  15. Fashooga

    Equipment After Being Done By Disease.

    Curious...If your tank was to completely be annihilated due to a disease or whatever, do you trash everything from the siphon it touched to the sponges, bio wheels, the HOB it self, plants and etc and just completely buy new stuff?
  16. Fashooga

    Acquired A 85 Gallon Tank

    My brother in law (BIL) has had this fish tank for a few years that his dad thought it be nice. He doesn't want to bother with cleaning and all that, but has taken care of the 3 fish that are in there. Currently he has one Blood Parrot which is about 3 years old now and a size of an Orange...
  17. Fashooga

    Modifying An Existing Stand.

    Has anybody purchased a stand from a place like Petsmart or Petco and modified the stand? I want to remove the last shelf on the bottom where my kitchen supplies are to fit in a canister filter. The last shelf has like a middle stand but I don't think it supports the entire tank. I was...
  18. Fashooga

    Adding Salt?

    Does anybody add aquarium salt to their tanks? Does it benefit the tank aside from healing?
  19. Fashooga

    After Dealing With A Fungus/disease/parasite

    So a few weeks back I had sick fish had wasting disease and likely spread to the other smaller fish as well. I treated with API fungus as that was what I only had. I treated as the instructions said and did the recommended 25% water change. So the fish looked good after 5 days of...
  20. Fashooga

    Scared Fish

    So I have three Blue Acara's (2 males and 1 female) at the time I didn't know what sex they were. They were some minor fights with the 2 males for the female but they've all gotten along well. A few months later I purchased a Red Stripe Severum. Everything was OK until one of the fish got sick...

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