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  1. aylad

    Curved spine, sunken belly disease – esp. livebearers

    Author: @aylad A lot of people seem to be seeing a particular set of symptoms in their fish – most often livebearing fish like platies, mollies, and guppies. I’ve got a lot more experience with these symptoms than I’d like, so I thought I should type up what I know about it. Additionally, I...
  2. aylad

    black diamond sand

    I think a few hours might be enough, really. The PVC pipe is a good idea -- I've added small amounts to an already-running tank by doing that, and it didn't seem to cause any trouble. Or you could rinse your sand like most people do (as a non-rinser, I'm sure I'm in the minority ).
  3. aylad

    black diamond sand

    I don't even wash mine. Your mileage may vary. I set up the tank well ahead of getting fish for it; patience is often rewarded in this hobby. Whether the water or the sand goes in first -- I've done it both ways -- when I add the other, there's a *lot* of clouding at first, and then within a...
  4. aylad

    black diamond sand

    BDBM is awesome. I haven't figured out yet why people object to using it. I *highly* recommend the 30/60 grit for bottom feeders like cories. It's heavy enough that it stays put, but fine enough that it won't hurt fish rooting around in it or sifting it through their gills. A few of us have...
  5. aylad

    Black diamond ultra fine with plants?

    My plants do very well in 30/60. I do have MTS stirring it up.
  6. aylad


    I agree with this. Also, what size tank are they in? Platies that feel overcrowded are less likely to move around a lot, IME.
  7. aylad

    Miracle Grow that much better for dirting tanks?

    I tried it, it worked, I still use it. I don't know other brands that work, although I'm sure many do.
  8. aylad

    Coal Slag

    I've had that happen before with some of the coarse-grit stuff, like 20-40. I got a pretty nasty cut on my finger that way. I've never had any problems at all with the 30-60 fine grit -- I've never hurt myself on it, and my loaches and cories have had no problems sifting through their mouths...
  9. aylad

    need tips for syphoning a 1.5 gallon nano tank

    Got a drill? Take a soda bottle and drill a hole in the cap just big enough that you can force airline through it for a tight fit. Put the cap on tight, squeeze the bottle, and stick the other end of the airline in the tank. Let go of the bottle, and you've got a mini-siphon. Alternatively...
  10. aylad

    Filter for nano freshwater aquarium

    Tom Rapids Mini Canister might work -- I don't know their flow rates -- but any regular canister is going to do pretty terrible things to that tank. A sponge filter is a great option that is even less fuss and maintenance than a canister. It's cheap and with a good air pump it will be awesome...
  11. aylad

    Mircle gro organic

    I use the MG Organic Choice Potting Mix, which works really well. I don't prep it in any way -- I put it in the tank, cap it with Black Diamond sand, plant it, and then run the tank fishless until the ammonia and nitrites go away. It's a great way to get the cycle started as the organics break...
  12. aylad

    How would you light these?

    Floor lamps?
  13. aylad

    Fish Gobble website

    Biological suppliers might be an option. I remember someone on Fishlore a long while ago was talking about ordering from Niles Biological -- -- but I don't know if they ever did.
  14. aylad

    can you have more biomax filter than you need

    Nope, and nope. An airpump might not move water quickly enough to make a huge difference, though.
  15. aylad

    Aquafarm Back to the Roots Aquarium

    You're talking about adding pollutants to the water column (because the water will pass through the organic fertilizer and carry it back into the tank), which will require even more frequent water changes than a betta in a similarly-sized normal tank would need already... As far as I know...
  16. aylad

    Aquafarm Back to the Roots Aquarium

    I don't like this tank. Bettas need easy access to the surface to breathe, and I can't see how that would work in this tank. The tank is also really small -- from what I can see on Google image search, it says 3 gallons on the box, but a large part of that is taken up by the plant box. I...
  17. aylad

    Platy with curving spine and looks starved. This platy has had a rough life...

    It's not stunting from being in a 10gal. Platies can grow to their full size, or pretty near it, in a 10gal with reasonably clean water. A 10gal is fine for a few (very few) platies. I've never been able to cure platies with these symptoms. Euthanasia is an option that should be considered...
  18. aylad

    Fish Gobble website

    Well, I don't know. In your case, I'd risk a few bucks on Fish Gobble. They may keep their daphnia cultures more segregated than their gammarus, after all. Besides, harvesting wild daphnia is more dangerous and at least as likely to give you hitchhikers.
  19. aylad

    Fish Gobble website

    I've bought gammarus from them a couple times. They'll send you a container holding 8oz of water and however many critters happen to get caught up in it. I was pleased with their service, but truthfully, along with the gammarus that I ordered, I got copepods, daphnia, and planaria -- so you...
  20. aylad

    10 Gallon Tank Stocking Ideas For A Ten Gallon Tank With A Male Betta

    I didn't see anyone else mention it, but the danios are a serious problem. They need a much larger swimming area than a 10-gallon tank -- I wouldn't put them in anything smaller than a 29, even though most people recommend 20 gallons. They also need a school of at least 6 to 8. What happens...

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