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  1. free.will77

    55 Gallon Tank sad

    hi sorry about that. wish you the best
  2. free.will77

    Edward Scissorhands

    Hi guys, I watched it again for 4 times last night, and again I cried, how sweet Edward is. I can't tell. I don't know why but every time I watch the movie ,it makes me cry. I know how hard it is to lose a loved one, I can feel how difficult it is to get used to the fact that someone you love...
  3. free.will77

    Funny Come home to a surprise

    I had never thought to get a pet like him, but I think that would be a great idea. since it's a new experience, he's cool. I like him.
  4. free.will77

    Issues finding somewhere to sit!

    I hope your brother gets better as soon as possible. beautiful dogs by the way. Bahar
  5. free.will77

    I'ma Goin' Sugarin' [say in singsong voice]

    why do you want to attract moths? I'm afraid of insects especially the ones which can fly because they change their direction suddenly and come towards you, it's scary that they are not predictable.
  6. free.will77

    Funny for your daily LOLs =D

    that was fun!
  7. free.will77


    I love kittens. little cuties.
  8. free.will77

    From Chefs Grill

    you are such a nice and kind guy. thank you Ken. I'll be there.maybe I'll cook tomorrow for you!
  9. free.will77

    From Chefs Grill

    the hushpuppies look yummy. I was thinking you usually fry the things to eat? don't you have any stew? we have different kinds of stew that they are yummy too. today for lunch I cooked Ghorme sabzi with rice. it's one of my favorite. and we eat cooked white rice with stew. here we eat different...
  10. free.will77


    wow they are so cute. good for you, I miss having fries!
  11. free.will77

    I found a baby tetra in the tank!

    congrats on your fry. it's always fun to find a new and unexpected fry in your tank.
  12. free.will77

    Memorial Day Weekend

    it makes me feel so much better to see, you guys know what's going on around the world.
  13. free.will77

    Memorial Day Weekend

    I love your country, everything is respectful , you have the right to choose. I appreciate it. I wish I was one of the memeber. I know it's not my business and I have nothing to do with it but I'd like to say "Happy Memorial Day" Bahar
  14. free.will77

    best hiding places for guppy fries

    hey thank you soooooooooooo much..........
  15. free.will77

    best hiding places for guppy fries

    thank you, but unfortunately youtube and facebook are filtered by the government, I can't access them. thank you anyway for info.
  16. free.will77

    some other photos

    yes I do agree, I don't know what I could do without you guys. it's great in FishLore. and I love it. Bahar
  17. free.will77

    best hiding places for guppy fries

    spawning mop what a neat idea. I like it. I don't use breeding tank and don't separate them anymore, because I figured it out that they grow much quicker when they are in the main tank, I myself recognized the signs of coloring and spotting on their fins in 3 days after I added them back in...
  18. free.will77

    best hiding places for guppy fries

    like this I mean like this Bahar
  19. free.will77

    best hiding places for guppy fries

    Hi guys since I've been keeping guppies I figured it out what is the best hiding place for the fries, once I added some rocks like a small pile, but it seemed that the fries didn't like it so I changed it and added more aquarium plants but you know there are lots of kind of them so I tried...
  20. free.will77

    birthday photos

    thanks honey, happy you liked it.

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