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  1. Marzahtha

    Depth Of Gravel?

    Depends on if it's planted or not. If I don't have live plants in a section, I push the siphon all the way down. If I have to be careful with roots, I just siphon the top.
  2. Marzahtha

    Help Nitrate Spike On All My Tanks, Including Fry Tank

    Pothos supplier? Just go to any store/nursery and buy a starter plant. Remove pot, rinse the dirt off and drop in tank. It's a regular household plant.
  3. Marzahtha

    Ramshorn, Mystery, Or Something Else?

    Do you have a side view? It's hard to tell from the top.
  4. Marzahtha

    Help Nitrate Spike On All My Tanks, Including Fry Tank

    nitra-zorb (or any other similar product) in your filter if you're not using sponge filters. If you are using sponge filters, you may want to look into HOB filters.
  5. Tetra 10i Mod 4

    Tetra 10i Mod 4

  6. Tetra 10i Mod 3

    Tetra 10i Mod 3

  7. Tetra 10i Mod 2

    Tetra 10i Mod 2

  8. Tetra 10i Mod 1

    Tetra 10i Mod 1

  9. Marzahtha


    My pictures
  10. Marzahtha

    5 Gal Tank With Hang In Filter Question

    You can modify that filter type with sponges cut to fit; then you can change one at a time.. I'll try to find the picture I posted previously. Tetra 10i Mod 1 by Marzahtha posted Jan 14, 2019 at 2:24 PMTetra 10i Mod 2 by Marzahtha posted Jan 14, 2019 at 2:36 PMTetra 10i Mod 3 by Marzahtha...
  11. Marzahtha

    Question Temporary Overstocking?

    Are you talking weeks or months? I could see it working for 2-3 weeks w/o permanently stunting their growth.
  12. Marzahtha

    Treating Sick Fish, Found A Baby! Lots Of Questions.

    The red isn't in the poo, it shows out there anus when not moving. The white poo may mean that that fish is infected. Hopefully, what you are doing with soaking the food keeps working. Good luck!
  13. Marzahtha

    Treating Sick Fish, Found A Baby! Lots Of Questions.

    Sounds like internal parasites; possibly Camallanus.
  14. Marzahtha

    Treating Sick Fish, Found A Baby! Lots Of Questions.

    Paraguard will NOT hurt your fry. I had 20+ born into a QT and they are all fine. I don't think I've lost any except a few to predation by the adults. You will need to retreat as you did not treat appropriately per Seachem guidelines. Seachem - ParaGuard Ichthyophthirius (freshwater) /...
  15. Marzahtha

    Tss Obsessive Questions

    I don't follow the instructions. For a 10 gallon, I would only get 2-3 fish to start with and I put in 20ml of TSS+. Every day after that for one week, I do a 1-2 gal. water change and add 5ml of TSS+. Then, I let it go for 2-3 days; keep testing the water to make sure parameters are good. If...
  16. Marzahtha

    What Is This Junk And How Do I Get Rid Of It

    Suck it up with a water siphon, feed less and it will be gone. You don't need any treatment/medication.
  17. Marzahtha

    Question How To Encourage Green Algae And Discourage Brown?

    This just came in my mail today. I haven't watched it yet.
  18. Marzahtha

    Question Fish Hide Alot

    You can use the whole piece, just pre-soak it in a bucket or tub for a couple weeks. It will release most of the tannins and you can then put it in your tank.
  19. Marzahtha

    Question Fish Hide Alot

    You do not have any true top level fish. You have a lot of all level, mid-level and bottom dwelling fish. You have fish that prefer different temperatures. Platy + Cory = cooler. BN = warmer Yes, they tolerate a wider range but they are happier, and more active, at preferred temps. Your BN...
  20. Marzahtha

    How Do I Planting New Plants

    New empty tank without any substrate? Existing tank with substrate and fish? Eco complete if added to a new tank can be put in as is. If you are adding it to a tank that is already up and running, I believe the bag says that you are supposed to drain the liquid off before adding it to the...

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