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  1. PirateKingJoe

    Question Saltwater Acclamation For Mollies

    i asked this question before but didn’t get a useful answer. How long should mollies be acclimated to full marine water from saltwater. I have a tank with only starfish and I want more movement. The only fish within hours of campus that are around are mollies. I want to get around 6 gold dust...
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  3. PirateKingJoe

    Are These Rocks Safe For Aquascaping?

    They’re for a 10 gallon saltwater tank. It’s currently empty so there’s no risk of killing anything as of now. The tank is also temporary, as anything alive put in here will be put into an actual aquarium with live rock and sand EDIT: I’m also trying to grow a little algae so what I put into it...
  4. PirateKingJoe

    Are These Rocks Safe For Aquascaping?

    I found these rocks along the sidewalks of the college I go to. There’s millions of them on campus, either bordering the sidewalks or surrounding the plants next to the buildings. I’m pretty sure most of them are granite but I’m no rock expert. I scrubbed them all in hot water with a toothbrush...
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  19. PirateKingJoe

    Question Saltwater Acclamation For Mollies

    The zoology lab class I’m taking examines live saltwater inverts like sea urchins. They usually just throw them away when the class is over, so I’m trying to save some of them. I want some fish in the tank to give it some movement, but all the pet stores here don’t sell saltwater fish, so...
  20. PirateKingJoe

    Question Saltwater Acclamation For Mollies

    ive just set up a 10 gallon full saltwater tank today. I know Mollies can be acclimated from fresh to salt. How long should I acclimate them, if at all? I’ve read of people who just tossed them in a saltwater tank directly after removing them from freshwater and the mollies not caring at all...

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