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  1. Lady Monster

    55 Gallon Stocking

    I gave away my cichlids and I upgraded my community tank from 29 gallon to 55. I have 5 Cory, 7 serpae tetras, 1 female guppy. The guppy is a rescue, pretty sure it was a feeder that didn't get eaten and the guy was trying to get rid of it by saying she was a baby bala shark lol. At the time...
  2. Lady Monster

    Red cherry shrimp berried with blue eggs

    I have some red cherries, probably low grade they're mostly clear with faint red. 2 or 3 adults are solid red but juveniles are clearish red. I started with 1 berried shrimp and from there I had like 6 females and 1 male survive (momma molted and shed her eggs but they were attached the...
  3. Lady Monster


    My daughter is completely heart broken. We had a molly who was very ill with what I believe was dropsy. She was noticeably sick for a couple weeks. I originally thought it was swim bladder and was trying to feed shelled peas for the first 2 weeks with no luck. So I bought melafix because it's...
  4. Lady Monster

    Whats the smallest fresh water fish you can think of?

    Im playing around with ideas for a 10 gallon planted tank. This isnt so much a stock question, im just interested in looking at teeny fish lol. Idk if im even going to set the tank up. Depends on species availability.
  5. Lady Monster

    Why is she rolling around the tank

    We have had these molly for 6 months and they have been healthy until tonight, i fed them as usual and 30 mins later I sit down and look at the tank to see one of them rolling all over the place. I put her in a breeder net so she wouldn't hurt herself. Please help me figure it out I would...
  6. Lady Monster

    Are these tank mates suitable?

    African cichlid, lake Malawi mbunas, i have a male bumblebee already but am looking at creating an all male tank. I want to add a male red zebra, and a male Labeotropheus Ochre.
  7. Lady Monster


    I added 6 fish to my tank without quarantining. I see a clearish strand of poop floating around, with hunk of white in the center. Im going to assume this is a sign of parasites. What is my next step for treatment, medically? As well as for my tank. I want to start asap before it ends up killing...
  8. Lady Monster

    30 gallon ideas

    I have 3 female molly and 4 corydoras (2 of I've species and 2 of another, I'm not positive of either) i might or might not get 2 more cory. But i want to know what else I could add for some color? I was offered some endlers from a local aquarist but im iffy on them because im pretty sure...
  9. Lady Monster

    Mystery snail declining health

    I had 4 mystery snails i purchased from petsmart back in may. Their shells had imperfections, jagged growth, and were flaking apart (something i didn't notice until i got them home and in my tank). I have struggled to nurse them to health i felt like i wasn't doing something right, until i...
  10. Lady Monster

    Help id me!

    image He is light blue with dark stripes, about 6 inches long, and maybe 5 egg spots (if that's important) he's currently the only cichlid in my 55 gallon until i id him. Thanks for any input!
  11. Lady Monster

    Compatible tank mates for bumblebee cichlid

    I adopted him a few weeks back from a friend. He was killing her other cichlids, so i wasn't going to bother with stocking the tank. But after much consideration, id like to try it. She wasn't even sure what his species was, so this might have been the problem. She could have had him in a tank...
  12. Lady Monster

    Just wondering why?

    I'm wondering why people breed their fish on purpose? If you have a proper aquarium for them then that's a different story. But why are people trying to breed their bettas (just an example) what are you going to do with 20 bettas?? When my molly drop fry i don't allow them to stay in the tank...
  13. Lady Monster

    Adequate filtration

    I have 1 (alleged) bumble bee cichlid i adopted a few weeks back. I finally have him in a 55 gallon tank, is 520 GPH adequate filtration? This is being achieved by 2 HOB filters and 1 powerhead. I bought the powerhead to add circulation because i figured he would like the stream, i didnt realize...
  14. Lady Monster

    Fluval aqua clear experience

    EDIT: my rant was definitely unnecessary lol. And in my last reply i completely retracted blaming fluval for my problem! Im leaving my original post incase a similar problem arises for anyone else, they'll be able to solve the problem quite simply moral of my story is, don't be so quick to...
  15. Lady Monster

    Pros and cons for MTS

    Im considering this only because while i was vacuuming my 55 gallon there were many air pockets in the gravel and i got worried because ive heard these are toxic and cause fish death Are there really any other pros then stirring the substrate? And cons besides becoming pests? Ive read they...
  16. Lady Monster


    So i started out with 3 adults, 2 f, 1 m. My berried female dropped her eggs when she molted but i successfully hatched them, i counted 6 babies. They are now large enough that i can see 5 are saddled and 1 is presumably male. The original momma is berried again with what looks like several more...
  17. Lady Monster


    Has anyone fed their cichlid vegetables like tomato or deshelled peas?
  18. Lady Monster

    Help me inform my friend

    Can anyone id these goldfish so that i can explain to my friend why she should not keep 2 of them in this teeny bowl! I just need to know their common name and their max size. And what sized tank is actually appropriate for them. I wanted to say something when it was just 1 fish but now theres 2...
  19. Lady Monster

    Calcium powder

    How much to feed and how often? I bought this it was the only kind walmart carried image I have many baby mystery snails distributed between 3 different tanks. I suppose i just sprinkle some powder in the water? How much and how often? I did 1/8 tsp per 10 gallons the first time but im not even...
  20. Lady Monster

    African cichlid

    imagehere is the cichlid i adopted today, it's about 6-7 inches. Any idea what it is or how i need to care for it? Hes currently in a 30 gallon but im planning to trade fish with the 55 gallon because i knew it needs more space. Also the lady that have it to me mentioned teeth! Do you think it...

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