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  1. J

    Another fish story

    Heys guys and girls I have been away from the forum and the hobby for a while now but after many months of looking at a dry 55 gallon tank I couldn't help but give in. The tank used too be the home of my albino oscar which I unfortunately had to uthenize after an ongoing battle with hith. Anyway...
  2. J

    hole in the head

    My oscar has hith i was wondering if this disease would make him suffer and would it be better to just uthenize him
  3. J

    Swim bladder disease <>

    my gold fish has swim bladder disease i was wondering if this is contagious to the other gold fish in my tank
  4. J

    filter for my gold fish?

    i have a ten gal with two 1 in fantails in their it seems the water flow from the filter is causing them to fly all over the tank when they go near it do goldfish even need aeration.
  5. J

    I have a little problem

    In my oscar tank the is like a brown sludge forming all around the walls of the tank is this algae or what i try and do a water change every two weeks and i wipe it off and its like dirt? the water quality seems ok
  6. J

    guppy tank

    planning on breeding guppies i wouldnt need a cover for the tank right
  7. J

    The light at the end of the tunnel is starting to shine

    This month and a half has been an adventure! For those who dont know I got a 55 cycled it (so I thought) with zebra danios everything was going too good to be true (so i thought) then i went skiing and the ski god decided to make me fall and break my shoulder tht day had surgery at hospital for...
  8. J

    My oscars in big trouble

    he just swallowed a peble that a guppy was on hes laying on the bottom barely breathing
  9. J


    had guppys with no home so i set up a 10 gallon with no heater just filter will my guppys make it through the night
  10. J

    Im in trouble need help quick

    just did waterchange checked my nitrites their at least 1 ppm what should i do i have an oscar in their
  11. J

    Which chiclid would you like to have the best devil 2.oscar 3.convicts 4.firemouth 5.midas 6.parrot 8.Green terror 9.jack dempsey
  12. J

    Need answers fast

    I just got a flower pot from a hardware store for my fishtank im wondering if its ok for my tank and what i should do to it before i put it in thank FL
  13. J

    My new oscar

    just got my oscar home he isnt moving much and he sits on the bottom is this just stress
  14. J

    a ph ?

    My ph is a little high at 7.4 what can i do to get that down
  15. J

    Ammonia question

    is .25 ammonia ok
  16. J

    Native species tank

    I went on and saw alot of ppl doing it succesfully so i plan on giving it a shot in the spring
  17. J

    No my pleco

    My pleco of three days died today it was healthy i went to clean up food it hasnt eaten and stired up some gravel then came in after and saw my plec couldnt swim straight thought it could have been a swimblaader but it wouldnt of camee on that quick also wondering about gases under the gravel...
  18. J


    is my tank safe when ammonia nitrite nitrate is 0
  19. J

    Breeding feeders

    I will be eventually getting either an oscar red devil or a piranah so its main diet will be feeders i no that they can carry disease so im planning on breeding them in smaller you guys have any suggestions thabks
  20. J

    about my pleco

    just got a little guy yesterday and hes on the heater should i take him off

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