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  1. FridayGt

    Returning To The Hobby And Forum

    That's a good point, I'll look into that. There's a 210 Gallon Aquarium with stand, lights, hood and everything for $200 in the Bronx! Shame it's a bit of a haul. lol
  2. FridayGt

    Returning To The Hobby And Forum

    I'll check that out too! I don't mind a little elbow grease, I think I'm just steering away from the ones right now that want to sell their elbow grease needing set ups for near what I could get a new tank and stand for.
  3. FridayGt

    Returning To The Hobby And Forum

    Thanks for the tip! I've been looking at Craigslist and trying out OfferUp. So far I've just been mostly finding folks looking to sell whole set-ups that will need to be broken down, cleaned up, fish re-homed before my being able to do what I want with it and they want $600+ for that. I'm just...
  4. FridayGt

    Returning To The Hobby And Forum

    What was I thinking, this thread is worthless without pics!!! I guess it would be fun to add that I'm big into MoPar muscle cars, Jeeps, a little bit of gaming and anything I can do with my Son.
  5. FridayGt

    Returning To The Hobby And Forum

    Good Morning all! It's been a REALLY long time! I was first into this hobby and posting on the site several years ago, but had to get out of the hobby as the Military moved me overseas. For those of you that were here back then, I now have a Son! My Bulldog Puppy has also grown up big! I'm...
  6. FridayGt

    470 gallon plywood tank build (in progress with photos)

    Just a personal suggestion, but I'd leave the purigen in, and get a cycled sponge from angels plus. I've used one for my 55 & 125 and i prey they're willing to ship to an apo when i move to Spain. You can just toss the sponge and water into your filter or tank and you're instantly seeded.
  7. FridayGt

    Regional forums?

    I would love the opportunity. It would be the chance for those (like me ahem) moving from one continent to another, wondering what to do with our hobby.
  8. FridayGt

    Question A crane is stealing my goldfish

    One of my co-workers had the same problem with his pond. He got a decoy crane and that helped for a while. The problem is that you need to keep moving it about the pond. As soon as he slacked, the real one caught on and got after his Koi again. Don't bother with a net over the top, they'll still...
  9. FridayGt

    New Angels for 125 Gallon Community

    I know, it's so great. You should have seen the fish when they first got in. They'd get tired half way across the tank. Lol
  10. FridayGt

    New Angels for 125 Gallon Community
  11. FridayGt

    Should I add Apisto's?

    Thanks folks. Yeah, I was feeling a little irresponsible with my finger hovering over the button on Aquabid. Lol. I refrained and behaved myself. I'm just anxious to see what I'll be able to find when I move I guess.
  12. FridayGt

    Should I add Apisto's?

    So, as some background, I recently got and set up a 125 gallon planted freshwater tank. Almost immediatey after getting it established and receiving Angel's for it from Angelmania, I got an assignment to Spain. Needless to say, I can't take my fish or plants with me, but I'll be taking my tank...
  13. FridayGt

    My 220 Planted Tank Build

    the big one to the left is a red melon sword and the grass looking one is jungle val and corkscrew val. Thanks for the compliments, I just got this tank started back up and am currently waiting for everything to grow and fill in until I move again.
  14. FridayGt

    Tank Update!

    That stinks! I got mine on Drs foster and Smith and I love it. I can tick and dial up and back the lighting in fifteen minute increments. It really helped me fight back against algae growth, while fine tuning it to leave my Oto's something to eat. Yeah, I've seen those on there and have been...
  15. FridayGt

    *sparkle* my female gbr is dead!!

    I'm sorry for the loss of your fish, but you've got to give people time to respond sometimes. It's the weekend and people may not feel comfortable chiming in until someone with a little more experience does first. I imagine what more than likely happened was that the male Ram was pestering...
  16. FridayGt

    Jeclark36 on Aquabid

    Very nice! I've been thinking about changing up my supplier too lately. He got a little rude with the latest correspondence. It just makes me nervous to try from another seller. *edit: Looking back at this I want to make sure people know that I wasn't talking about the OP's seller. I was...
  17. FridayGt

    Tank Update!

    If i may make a suggestion, a timer for my lights was the best $4 I've spent on my tank yet! I'm jealous too, i was really wanting an apisto there for a long while, but couldn't find one.
  18. FridayGt

    Agassizii Spawn

    Thanks for the update! This is just crazy exciting! You wouldn't by chance want to ship some of the oddspring to Spain would you? Lol
  19. FridayGt

    Question how would you stock a 125 gallon tank

    Agreed. I would load that bad boy up with some driftwood and plants and go to town. I have obsenely high PH in my tap water and driftwood does the trick pretty well for me. My Angels are growing and glowing and my Ram's were as bright as could be.
  20. FridayGt

    New Angels for 125 Gallon Community


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