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    Ammonia gone, nitrites slower

    Hello all, So, I’ve been cycling live rock in a 30 gallon bin for about 6 weeks now, but I’m confused. When I dose the ammonia to about 3-4ppm, the ammonia is gone in less than 24 hours, but it takes the nitrites 1 1/2- 2 days to be gone. Would anyone know why that’s the case? Will it just take...
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    Curing and adding live rock

    Hello all, So, I am of course new to Saltwater aquariums, and I have a couple of questions in regards to curing live rock. So, I’m about to set up my 90 gallon FOWLR aquarium in about a month or two, I already have all the equipment, just need to finish my basement first. Anyway, I’m going to start...
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    PH slightly too high?

    +1 if at all possible, it’s always best not to chemically adjust the PH. Plus, as was said before, a change of .1 is nothing to worry about.
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    Help Cycling help

    Do you know someone with an established fish tank? Or a local fish store that you trust? If so, see if they’ll give you a little bit of gravel, or used filter media. This works way better and faster than any of the “bacteria in a bottle “ you might find.
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    Question Giant Hatchetfish? Keeping With Cichlids?

    Maybe I’m wrong, but they don’t look hatchets to me. Hatchets have that hatchet shape, upturned mouths, and those wing like pectoral fins. They look kinda like a type of tetra, but I’m not sure what kind
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    Question Giant Hatchetfish? Keeping With Cichlids?

    My personal experience is that the peacock cichlids would be ok with hatchetfish. Hatchets are fast, and always stay at the top. Peacocks prefer to stay in the mid, and lower levels, mostly. Generally peacocks won’t be overly aggressive unless it’s other peacocks(particularly when they become...
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    Question Lighting Schedule Questions.

    Fish, like other animals, do need a consistent day/night cycle, so it would be best for them to have that, if at all possible; but they are adaptable as well, so they could live with a changing schedule.
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    Tank Mates?

    They’re generally peaceful with anything that isn’t small enough for them to eat(though they don’t really like other fire eels), and they don’t have huge mouths. Also, fish that mostly stay towards the upper levels of the aquarium are safe. Just make sure whatever other fish you get won’t harass...
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    Help Clamped Rotting Betta Fins

    In my experience, bettas tolerate salt pretty well, however, live plants generally do not. If you have a separate place for them, you could possibly try that. It would only be half a tsp per gallon, and no more than 10 days. Increasing water changes for a couple of weeks may also help. Sorry to...
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    Question Lighting Schedule Questions.

    That’s a tough one. I wouldn’t think it would hurt your plants, but it might be a little disorienting for the fish when you get them. Honestly though, I would also think that would be difficult for you to maintain that schedule for yourself as well.
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    Help Me Choose My Dwarf Lion.

    Hello all, when I finish cycling my 90 gallon FOWLR, I want to build around a dwarf lionfish, but I’m on the fence as to which one. There are things I like about each one. I like the zebra for it’s more traditionally lionfish appearance, I like the fu Manchu because I love the way they hunt...
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    Using Ro Water In Blackwater Aquariums

    GBR, neons, glass cats, cories, and I know that they can all live in 7+ ph, but I’ve noticed that they seem more lively, and colorful in a lower ph.
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    Clean Up Crew Question

    Also, I would be doing a fishless cycle, with the bio filter being able to handle 4ppm in a 24 hour period, hopefully
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    Clean Up Crew Question

    No, I definitely wouldn’t be adding the full load at once, or even in a really short period of time. And as far as the livestock are concerned, I wanted to start with a small dwarf fuzzy lionfish, and probably a small long nose hawkfish. I have a few others in mind, but nothing set in stone...
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    Clean Up Crew Question

    But going along with that, is two small fish an appropriate number? Or can I add an additional one, or maybe just add a single fish?
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    Clean Up Crew Question

    This would be a newly cycled 90 gallon aquarium. My plan would be to initially add 2 small fish. Would it be OK to add a small cleanup crew at that time? My biggest concern was just if I added such a small bio load as a cleanup crew, with that then reduce the biological filter if I added fish a...
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    Clean Up Crew Question

    Hello All, I’ve seen a lot of suggestions about when to add the CUC. Many people seem to say you should add them even before you get your first fish. If that’s the case, and you add your CUC who add a small bioload, then you add your fish a couple of weeks afterwards, wouldn’t that set the bio...
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    Most Efficient Order Of Sump Chambers

    Hello all, In the opinion of those who have done this for a long time, what is the most effective order of the sump chambers? Should it go intake and skimmer, refugium, Then return? Or are intake and skimmer, return, Where the refugium is controlled by a gate valve from the return? The...
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    Gph For Return Pump

    Just a quick question. I have a 90 gallon aquarium, with a 29 gallon sump. I just got a return pump with a 1050 GPH. Since I’ve heard that the return pump does not provide most of the circulation, it’s the power heads, should that be enough? Or should I get the next size up which has a max GPH...
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    Durso Or Herbie On 90 Gal

    Hello, This is my first Saltwater aquarium so I’m not overly familiar with overflows. I bought a 90 gallon with a single corner overflow. The plumbing it comes with is basically a Durso, then a return from the second bulkhead. My question is; would it be better to plumb the single Durso and the return...

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