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  1. Quiche

    How Do I Actually -- How I Do - -My water changes

    Nah, you're good- everyone I know including me uses those orange home depot buckets. I've never heard of fish suffering adverse effects.
  2. Quiche

    Question Should i euthenize my fish that has a curved spine

    I have a cherry barb called Hunchback Red. He has a curve in his spine and he's still alive and well. If your fish is showing no other signs of illness like tuberculosis and doesn't have trouble swimming, I don't think you should euthanize.
  3. Quiche

    Axolotl Raising Log

    @Truckjohn It could've been a salamander larvae! They look very similar to axolotls. @supersix9080 Lucky! My mel just tries to bite my finger, lol @Foxxway Unfortunately I don't ship my axolotls; some people do but I find it's too risky and I haven't had good experiences. Especially larvae...
  4. Quiche

    Axolotl Raising Log

    10/16/2019 The eggs all hatched on Sunday and Monday! Axolotl larvae are born legless; they grow them after a couple of weeks, first the front set and then the back set. As a result they just kind of look like long rice grains with tiny axolotl heads right now. They're around 10-12 mm...
  5. Quiche

    Axolotl Raising Log

    @Kjeldsen It's a shame that they're banned in California! I live in the Chicago area so temps generally remain low except for 3 months in the summer; during those three months, I use a mesh lid + a strip of fans to keep the tank at 70f.
  6. Quiche

    Axolotl Raising Log

    @Foxxway Axolotls usually lay hundreds of eggs at a time, so people sell their extras. I scout Facebook for breeders who have eggs and they ship them to me. I sell the larvae once they're around 3-4", but sometimes I keep my favorites. Mine personally haven't bred yet- I find it's easier to buy...
  7. Quiche

    Axolotl Raising Log

    10/12/2019 More pigment, eyes and gills now visible! Some of them appear to have clear eyes- if my suspicions are correct, that means that male leucistic parent was actually heterozygous for albino. As a result, half of the babies will be albino, a quarter of them leucistic, and a quarter of...
  8. Quiche

    Axolotl Raising Log

    Hello! I'm raising some axolotl eggs and I thought you lovely folks might be interested in watching them grow while learning more about the species :) (Mods, I didn't know where exactly to put this thread, so please move it if this isn't the right spot! ... 10/09/2019 These eggs were layed 11...
  9. Quiche

    Talking To Non Fish People....

    ^ I saw this floating around on the internet and had a chuckle... I'm sure every fishkeeper with a big tank has googled this to make sure their floor won't cave in
  10. Quiche

    Funny How Many Gallons For An Orca?

    352,670,000,000,000,000,000 sounds like a good number!
  11. Quiche

    Basic Fish Training

    Perhaps not advanced, but I taught a platy fry to follow a stick- whenever I fed him, I would put a bamboo skewer in the midst of the sprinkled food. I guess he associated the skewer with food, so he would follow it as I moved it around!
  12. Quiche


    Hello! Ime, axolotls past 4" are easy to care for as long as the water is cold and ammonia/nitrite free. Those are the two key parameters for making sure they are healthy and happy. Make sure to either baffle the filter or get a sponge filter. All of the common axolotl illnesses are caused by...
  13. Quiche

    Help I'm So Sad. My Fish Have Camallanus Worms

    Hey! I've dealt with camallanus worms before. Everything about snails seemed on the fence, so I took my nerite out. Good news, though- the levamisole worked! Three fish died out of 12 before I figured it out, but most of them pulled through. Good luck!
  14. Quiche

    Mollie Maternity

    Generally, the recommended ratio for livebearers is 1 male to 2 or 3 females. That means you'd have to buy 5 females- how big is your tank? I don't know if having 7 mollies would overstock it.
  15. Quiche

    Mollie Maternity

    Yep! Most likely, if you got them from a store, they are already pregnant/storing sperm.
  16. Quiche

    Mollie Maternity

    Male mollies will have a pointed gonopodium while the females have a rounded fin in its place. If a female is pregnant it will have a box shaped belly and look bloated/fat. Hope this helps!
  17. Quiche

    Super Bummed

    I'm going to second A201; normally healthy fish won't die from a couple of scratches. One thing that I've noticed with my fish is that when they are dying, they tend to wedge themselves into a nook. Mine almost exclusively try to shimmy underneath a piece of driftwood. Healthy fish sometimes...
  18. Quiche

    20l Questions

    It really depends on what the temperature is inside your house. Regular evaporation won't lower the water temperature by more than a couple of degrees, so unless your house is at 70f, you'll need to combine it with fans/ice/chillers. The only benefit of a sponge filter over a hang-on-back is...
  19. Quiche

    20l Questions

    Nope! If you don't have plants then no light is needed
  20. Quiche

    20l Questions

    Looks good, except for the temperature problem- the fan will likely not reduce the temperature enough because of its size, unless you're willing to combine it with other chilling methods. As for the hood, I'd go with a screen top instead- evaporation is prevented by a closed hood, raising the...

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