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    Smallest Type of Loach?

    Are Kuhlis the smallest type of Loach there is? Are there any pygmy or dwarf type of loaches?
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    Sexing Congo Tetras?

    I have a school of 6 Congo Tetras. 4 are long finned and 2 are regular. Does anyone know how to tell the difference between males and females?
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    FS: Jumbo Resin Castle Ornament

    I have these castle pieces for sale $14 a piece or both for $25. I would prefer a local pick up. Actual shipping at buyers expense. Lol... I posted these up a couple of years ago.... Had no takers... Been sitting on a shelf ever since. Decided to try again
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    40 gallon nano fish tank upgrade to 60 gallon

    The guppy population in my 40 gallon nano fish tank has exploded in the last few weeks, so I decided to upgrade their tank to 60 gallons. I re-homed all my bettas and converted that 60 gallon tank. I transferred all the plants, driftwood (added 2 more pieces as well), and fish to the bigger...
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    Wattage ratio to gallons?

    I am needing to replace a couple of heaters for my tanks. Is there a specific ratio or formula for wattage to gallons? I need new heaters for a 100 gallon tank and a 60 gallon tank. What do you guys suggest?
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    The newest version of my 100 gallon

    I am almost done. It is about 90% finished. I converted it from gravel and silk plants to artificial soil and fully live plants. The 2 pieces of driftwood on the sides of the tank are resin. The big driftwood in the middle is real. I added a Aquatop UV HOB filter and a sponge filter in...
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    New Guppy Boy

    Just wanted to show some pics of the new Guppy Boy I got the other day. He's in the 40 gallon planted with all the other nano fish. The more I look at him, the more I am impressed by the color and pattern in his tail. I wish I could getting some better pics of him, because these don't do him...
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    Amano shrimp mixing with RCS

    Just wondering if these 2 types of shrimp are ok to be mixed in the same tank. I am able to pick up some RCS at a really good price, but one of the tanks I want to put them in already has some Amano shrimp in it. Anyone have any experience mixing these 2 types of shrimp?
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    New Betta

    Just wanted to post some pics of my new Dumbo Ear Betta. He is my favorite so far. I also posted a couple of my second favorite, my Blue Dragon Betta. I'm thinking of maybe entering them in one of this month's picture contests.
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    60 gallon Divided Betta Tank

    60 Gallon divided Betta Tank. It's been up and running for about 3 months now. I felt this was easier to deal with than 3 or 4 different divided tanks and they each get 10 gallons.
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    My 60 Gallon Planted Tank at Work

    This is the 60 gallon planted tank that I set up at work. It has been running now for over a month. Current stock is: 30 neon tetras 15 rummy nose tetras 8 cherry barbs 3 von rio tetras 3 gold barbs 1 bolivian ram I want to add something else for some more color, like maybe a couple...
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    Question Aquatop UV HOB filter

    Anyone have any experience with these? I have 2 of these coming in the mail and have read the reviews, most of which are pretty good. But I was wondering if anyone here has used them. I will leave my own review of them on here once I have them up and running for a little while.
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    Cichlid tank set up questions

    I am getting ready to redo my 100 gallon tank. I however, do not really want to take up all the space in my tank with big mountains of rocks. Would it work to set up the tank with both real and resin pieces of driftwood and real plants? Or is this just not close enough to their natural habitat?
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    My new 40 gallon planted tank

    This is my first attempt at a fully planted tank. Current stock: 2 sparkling Gouramis 4 Scarlett Badis 6 Amano Shrimp 3 Tiger Endlers 5 Red Chili Endlers 12 Amber Tetras 15 Celestial Pearl Danios 8 Pygmy Corys 4 random Guppies
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    UV Sterilizer?

    How necessary is having one for a 500 gallon pond? and if so, how many watts do i need?
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    Mixing other fish with Goldfish

    I know most goldfish tanks are goldfish only tanks... but i do know that some people keep other fish with them such as minnows... Do any of you mix in other fish? If so, what kind? and pics if you could
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    Mixing goldfish sizes?

    I just got back from the LFS with two baby pandas... they are acclimating at the moment... I was just wondering if it was ok to let them into the tank with the rest of my goldfish... with the smallest being 5x as big as the pandas and the biggest being 10x
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    Emerald Dwarf Rasboras

    Anyone know where I can get a hold of these? I can't find them at any local stores or anywhere online... Can someone point me to a good seller?
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    Free 5 gallon mini bow aquarium

    I just wanted to give back to those on the forum... I have a free 5 gallon mini bow plastic aquarium to anyone willing to come pick it up in the Los Angeles area... It is just the aquarium itself, background, and a filter... no gravel, heater, or decorations and needs a little cleaning... I...
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    Normal behavior for GBR?

    I have a resin root/trunk decoration in my community tank... In this tank I added 2 GBRs about a week ago... In the beginning both rams swim about the entire tank... In the top part of the decoration there is a crater like space... after thinking one ram went missing, I discovered that the...

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